ihatepenguins’ Day of Reckoning is Upon Us

May 5, 2008 at 09:37 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments
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Looking back on Yesterday, it would appear that tigerdude suffered overwhelming difficulty in finding a Picture of the real-life Matt Richards …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I really don’t think I can get his pic now, he doesnt have a Myspace (I thought he did ( ) and he is really secretive about his appearance…although i could bribe one of his old friends into giving me a really embarassing pic.”

I wrote:

““although i could bribe one of his old friends into giving me a really embarassing pic”

if that’s the only way to do it, I say go for it. ;)

We need to humiliate him more than ever before if we’re ever going to get him to leave.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“yep, but ill have to wait for school tomorrow. when i get it i will post it, but there isnt a gaurantee that the nerds will give me a pic, let alone talk to me.”

Post: ihatepenguins nears the peak of humiliation

Things were looking possible, but unlikely. Later tigerdude posted this on his blog:

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“IHP was supposed to get the worst humiliation of his life on this blog. Too bad he doesn’t have a Myspace…

I’ve been trying to find a pic of him on the Net. I haven’t found anything, so it may be a while before I get one. I could bribe one of his old friends into giving me an embarrassing birthday picture or something. Maybe I could buy a pic off one of them ;-) .”

Hope was maintained, but it didn’t look like the promise of humiliation would be fulfilled any time soon – if ever.

BUT then, there came a TurboX-shaped stroke of luck …

TurboX wrote:

“why don’t you find a class photo of him, all schools should have at least one picture of a student.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i cant believe i didnt think of that! thanks dude, your a life saver ;-) (i feel really stupid right now -D .)

ill put it in tomorrow’s post. but ill still try to get an embarrassing picture of him, i dont think his yearbook pics are that bad.”

Tigerdude’s Post: Picture isn’t easy to find

IHP is aware of the threat, and it looks to be scaring him, as you can see from yet another daily truckload of his mrsmes impressions:

First, a PM I got …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“see i dont think you take me seriosly mrmses is really teaching me and helping me vent my anger towards you and tigerdude so please be nice and respond and be friends and thin we might be able to compromise and make ulp and not be so mean im seriosly serios and no joke i think mrsmes is now my best friend and now teacher so im not joking this time hes really my friend this isnt a trick likke you think on your blog i promise so stop trying to get mrsmes to hate me thats mean lets comprotmise and be friends and stop fighting and ill stop fighting with tiger and well all coomprotmise and live in a peaceful world and never worry about what other people do and have fun on yoyou and make some fun games to gether but not stolen ones like penguin hater the hedheog this time i wil make my own game and itll be great please consider joining my tema it will be fun and then we can compormise to make a full team and dont psot picsursrs of me becuase is embarasssssing and make sme cry and compormise to not post the picture thansk and tel tiger anbouy this im not angry with hgim anymore and wish to compromise with him tioo and please repsond ive been waitn g buddy so palease heurry up and it is exactly 21:04 wher i live did you knwo i know the west real good now bye.”

Next, a quote from his abnormally long new mrsmes-styled description

[best bits in bold]

ihatepenguins wrote:

“now that ive got some insighters from mrsmes i can now improve my social skills so read the whole thing ill sum it up with one sentence, i used to hate tige rnow i hope ot be his friend adn so as with akh and turbox and maybe heartagaam 123 if his acts change so lets get this straight i live in the west yeeha and i wish to compormise wiht everyone to make the world peaceful again and however me and mrsmes are best frineds and gelp build each other up and so please dont hate me for the past look to the future and have fun i mean it so im fun and your fun so we should be friends and all yhou penguin hatres out there love ya bye and before i go please mark me up as a friend so that we can chat and stuff i hpoe to make a game with someoe ill be a valuable member to the team adn will be the best just phone me up or meat me somewhere or just pm me thats about it but wait theres more i have to thank Gmoney and mrsmes for being my top friends and now closing i shall say that please be my firends i may not be likeable in the old agaes of ihp but now am imporved and should start being the new tag team duo with mrsemes and we shall one day bring world peace and i live in the west near the orange cactus by the ranch, its beautiful and acutally i have to go now but the offer doesnt end their i have offered a free peace treaty to all my friends that will ensure you to be on my side in the event that i fight someone but that wont be hapening lately because ive learned to compromise form mrsmes and dotn say i have a long info thats just me so hav efun on my profile rules: no spam no hate mail no i love yous and most importantly love your neightbor especially if theyve beaten you up befoer just kidding my favorite website is mrsmes blog its realy good jsut a warning though akh and tiger are nice but dont get on their bad sides i hoep to one day be feriends with these two and so should you look at the teim i need to go but wait thers more the new ihp wont ever bother you like annoyancy or anthing so please dont post pics of me either or else i report to police for code of conducy and you could go to jail under these circumstances so plesae bear wiht me and dont take it to far i just want ot compormise thsi out i hope you all have fun holidays and lvie long is that it is that long enough if you want more pm me or call me to your house and ill be there and talk with you anout my new space theories such as gamma energy so please talk to me please”

… mrsmes doesn’t seem to be acknowledging IHP’s obsessive impressionism, but he has been talking with Zone51 about his new [unpublished] Icon Maker made in D&D:

mrsmes wrote:

“@zone51: bro, what’s hanging? well any way I was just working on a awesome icon editor which is really swell just yesterday and now I am improving it’s functionality, it’s proffessional and easy and requires less than 5 steps to make a simple icon, I call this awesome application(made with game maker in pure d&d) DYNAMITE ICON MAKER DELUXE, your results will be dynamite, if you want to see a screenshot just ask me for one in a pm.”

it obviously won’t work, you can’t make genuine icons (.ico files) in GM without knowledge of the .ico format and use of file_bin_write() GML, trying it through just D&D gives no chance of success.

But enough of that, and back to IHP’s official public shaming.

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I said I had no pictures of Matt Richards. Actually, I have about six or seven! TurboX reminded me about the class pictures, or yearbook pictures, that you get every school year. The only downside to this is that most of them probably aren’t embarrassing. But at least they should scare him, who wants their real image posted on some blog? I’ll be searching for one tomorrow, and will still confront the nerds at school to possibly get one of his embarrassing pictures.”

Tigerdude’s Post: IHP and mrsmes Tag-Team Duo?

As you can see, yesterday’s events have lead to this … Matt Richards is going to [deservedly] have his face shown to the entire world later today by tigerdude – whether the picture is embarrasing or not, IHP is sure to be in for a fantastic humiliation.

I’ll post the picture here as soon as I see it. 😉

And Finally … the YoYo Games Ancient Civilisations Competition is officially over as of today, and RhysAndrews’ Caveman Craig looks to be the favourite, currently rated [as I write this] 4.2/6.



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  1. Good morning…

    I think that tiger Matt should be given the opportunity to publically appologise, both here and on his many yoyo profiles, if that occurs then I dont think the photo should be shown.

    It seems that IHP is still making fun of “he who cannot be named”‘s autism. I noticed he has now started to post without fullstops. That is just low.

    Matt, appologise and leave “he who cannot be named ” alone then im sure tigerdude will not post your picture…Matt, you really are stooping low humilating someone with autism, so stop it now and we can move on….

    Like I said before, an appology (sincere one) would end this.

  2. *EDIT*

    Sorry, instead of “tiger should be given the opportunity…”

    it should read “Matt should be given the opportunity”

    Its not tiger who has done anything wrong! Sorry tiger….brain not in gear yet!!!

  3. Ivor, I edited your post. ^__^

    And tiger, I doubt I’ll be able to get online for that time >.< I have things to do tonight, I’ll be sure to go straight to your blog tomorrow though 😉

  4. Ivor: I understood, your fine. I don’t think he will apologize; in fact it is way too late for an apology from IHP. He has apologized to me and TurboX in the past few months about 5 times and always returns, doing something stupid and annoying to random people (last time it was TechoSuperguy; this time it’s Mrsmes). So I hope the pic that will be posted today will make him leave for good. I’m about to go to school and I’ll see what kind of embarrassing stuff I can get from his nerdy old friends 😉 .

    AKH: This is probably the end of IHP, which I hope to put as my new post’s title today 😀 . A picture will definitely be up as soon as possible, I’ll try to get home from school and get right on. I guess that by the time I get home, in the UK it may be 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM. So just keep waiting, it WILL be up today!

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  6. It’s being posted right now! Too bad you won’t be one of the first to see it, it’s pretty embarrassing. And some other good blog news, Noone has returned saying:

    “Good that it hurts! HAHA!

    Also no I wont fucking kill myself, no reason to, tigerASS.”

    And, the blog has reached 2000 views!

  7. […] sure to read AKH’s post “Ihatepenguins Day of Reckoning is Upon Us!“, which mainly discusses some things about IHP and includes info about some Ancient […]

  8. The post has now been made 😀 I bet money he’ll get on and say it isn’ real!

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