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May 4, 2008 at 11:58 | Posted in Everything | 6 Comments
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Just after I finished my day’s news post (2 hours in fact) I find a massive addition to the PokePlushies site has been made – Flyffables o.O

Somewhat like Dinomon, Flyffables have a site of their own, start off as eggs and are replaced roughly every month. it is currently unclear as to whether or not the eggs [which hatch at exactly level 50] will get stolen if they are left unleveled for too long.

Cydewinder wrote:

“We’re pleased to announce that Pokeplushies has teamed up with FlyFF to bring you a whole new set of adoptables. You can now adopt a bright blue egg from http://www.flyffables.com which will hatch into one of many Masquerpets based on the real creatures from FlyFF.

This will be advertised on the FlyFF site, this is an official cross promotion. I suspect we will get a number of new members from this, who will not be familiar with how we do things around here. Please have patience and make them feel welcome.

Flyffables, like all our adoptables, can be used just like ordinary adoptables. That means you can use them in the click exchange, display them in your signatures, and in a few days make trades with them in the trade center.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature here at Pokeplushies, and if you like the look of the Flyffables, make sure to head over to FlyFF and sign up for a free account.”


Crazynesss’ Aibatt was the first flyffable to hatch, [Congratulations Crazynesss!] and having looked at his and ArabianPenguins’ just-hatched-now-as-I-write-this flyffable, [Congratulations ArabianPenguins!] they look like they come in light and dark forms, and with two variations, a bat-like one and … another form, for which currently we only have a silhouette.


Only time will tell as to what effects how they hatch, if anything, and I’ll make sure to update this blog with the latest news regarding the all-new flyffables. ^__^

I hope my SpeedSoar [level 38 as I post this] will help shed some light on the mystery currently surrounding flyffables. 😀

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EDIT: SpeedSoar became a bat, I adopted another flyffable and it became the “unknown” variant … a plant. Coincidentally, they have the same colour scheme. 😀

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  1. I found the second form, it’s a plant.

    I think my light-and-dark theory is wrong, looking at the adoptables page it says they all come in multiple colours.

    Also from the adoptables page …

    “Medals will be awarded to the top 2% when a creature is removed.”

    forgot to add that.

  2. My light and dark theory is wrong, I’ve just seen a whole load of colours on plants! >.<

    EDIT: … and bats … 😀

    SpeedSoar is soon to hatch!!! ( currently level 48 )

  3. Woot, SpeedSoar hatched! 😀 He’s an awesome evil-looking bat. ^_^

  4. if anyone cares, I got another one XD

    Click here to feed FlyFFTW

    When it’s out of credits it should be ~level 53.

  5. 😀 thanks.

  6. Thanks! I have 4 differently coloured Wagsaacs and 3 differently coloured Aibatts. I love these Flyffables. XD

    Congrats on your hatched Flyffables! 🙂

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