ihatepenguins nears the peak of humiliation

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As you may know, IHP has recently been posting nothing but insensitive impressions of mrsmes. it started 2 days ago, with this PM:

ihatepenguins wrote:

“Mrsmes is teachin me how to socializze and be friends maybe now since he is teaching me maybe i can be friends with mr tigerdudde and make up and be friends with you and turbox and maybe me and smes will make a new game together called a game and itll be fun youll see so hows it going im glad everyone missed me and tel tiger im sor sorrt sorry for making him be maen to me and so i end with a final note please dont spam me anymore and lets be friensd and remain nuetral theres a cerain lin e to stay begind and im drawing it out on my front porch wait i dont hav eone just a big desert so ill be seeing you near teh catctises and il be waiting fory you and tiger and turbo to fogive me one last thing im sorry and dont speam me andymore and so take theis as a truce im serious and take me serious cus im serius hope this isnt too long of a sentecnt well mrsmes taught me new sozial skilllls so ill be improving”

it then continued quickly, with this PM yesterday:

ihatepenguins wrote:

“mrsmes is my bestie on this site now and he has taught me the correcxt grammar for this site and is teaching me on imporving my ways and now ill apologize to tigeruddue and you and turbox and hpoefully change my ways and then we can all be friends and maybe mrsmes can teach everyone esle and then the world would be peaceful adn im soorry that i ttied to get revenge on tigerdude so im sorry im sotty so dont spam me or anyting so how do youl like my new grammar i ts good isnt it i know it is or else mrsmes isnt teaching me right so hows thing going i mean like on yoyo do you stilil make games and all or do you just be on here for teh weird people like mr enrai and mrsmes told me to stay away from him or esle ill go to juail and maybe even if he wasnt tellng the truth i bet i woyld because enria is a bad person overall i bet i could snipe him from where i live where does he live ill ghet him and his friends so that he doesnt perform a successfule of a kidnapping well gotogo so by and have fun ill be waiting for an apo;ogy and so have a nice day and ill sttill be waiting and of yeah im still waitng so hurry and reply cus ive been waiting for like 24 hours now so bye”

and these words on tigerdude’s profile:

siim686 wrote:

“does ihp have much friends cos he pmd me back and telld me.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i dont know, seeing as how he moved to the other side of the country…i guess he has a bunch of lamer nerds out west.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

ims sorry see since mrsmes explained everyting to me now i have to say sorry to everyone including tigerdude, so please stop being mean to me and i wont be mean back, thanks mrsmes for everything everyging has improooved alot since last time yall so yeeha lets party and make up and lal be friends with all of you encluding tiger, so lets put our differences aside, and thanks for helping me mrsmes

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“god, you dont know when to stop do you? no one believes you at all; i bet your just trying to trick mrsmes into doing something bad. give up, no one is going to listen you you.”

siim686 wrote:

“hey ihatepenguins,like you started being mean to evrybody you bonehead!”

ihatepenguins wrote:

noz im trying to get better social skills like mrtsmes is teaching me too be a better person and whatnot so please forgive me

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“yeah. no one believes you. maybe mrsmes is trying to help you, but i know your just trying to get him on your side.”

it goes without saying that now we know of the severity of mrsmes’ condition, IHP’s actions haven’t been judged kindly …

Ivor B wrote:

“I think that PM is IHP’s idea of a joke…he’s copied “he who cannot be named” and is poking fun at his social skills….

Can IHP sink any lower? Tiger, I was wondering since IHP cant seem to get the message about being a reasonable person, have you got a photo of the guy that you could maybe post here, to name and shame him?

IHP is appearing to relish the fact that he has moved away and with “his new friends” can now continue his childish tirade…Maybe a photo and warning of this guy would stop him from behaving like this in the future?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“ill be looking for some kind of picture of him, that’d definitely get alot of views for both my blog and this one. and maybe it’d scare the hell out of him and make him leave for good ;-) .”

Ivor B wrote:

“I wouldnt normally suggest that course of action but if he continues his behaviour then it should be done…he’s trying to take advantage of someone with autism, which he seems to find funny.

The tragic thing is, “he who cannot be named” is far more of a better person than IHP will ever be…

So, IHP, you have a chance now, appologise for your behaviour and leave people alone…you are completely in the wrong and cannot gain anything by continuing your conduct….what happens next is up to you…

tigerdude later wrote: [on his blog]

“[…] And one last bit of IHP news, I have threatened him because he won’t leave Yoyogames. I am going to post a pic of him on this blog tomorrow if he doesn’t leave Yoyo. An actual pic of Matt Richards. Who doesn’t want to know what he looks like? He’ll be humiliated for life if the pic is posted, I won’t stop searching until I find something really embarrassing.”


And Finally continuing with the day-before-yesterday’s debate of where YoYo Games is failing the most, Ivor B is spreading it over to the post I mentioned yesterday on Game Maker Blog …

Ivor B wrote:

“Over on Phil Gambles blog, ive posted a few opinions which hopefully will bring some people here…Im very interested to see this “MACs sales growing quicker than pc” source…but then if you think about it, that should be the case…e.g:

say 100 pcs were sold in a month & 1 Mac….In order for MAC to show a growth the following month of 100% , it would only have to sell 2 units, whereas 200 PC’s would have to be sold to show the same increase…If you look at it like that, its really not supprising that MAC can show a higher growth than PC…”

To see the two (long) comments he posted about the matter on GMB, click here.

And one last piece of news, the YoYo Games Ancient Civilisations Competition will draw to a close in around 12 hours after this post. Make sure if you’re entering to upload your finished entry ASAP! 😀



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  1. I really don’t think I can get his pic now, he doesnt have a Myspace (I thought he did 😦 ) and he is really secretive about his appearance…although i could bribe one of his old friends into giving me a really embarassing pic.

  2. “although i could bribe one of his old friends into giving me a really embarassing pic”

    if that’s the only way to do it, I say go for it. 😉

    We need to humiliate him more than ever before if we’re ever going to get him to leave.

  3. yep, but ill have to wait for school tomorrow. when i get it i will post it, but there isnt a gaurantee that the nerds will give me a pic, let alone talk to me.

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