2 Days until the May Adoptables Hatch

May 1, 2008 at 15:51 | Posted in Everything | Leave a comment
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Today’s the 1st May, meaning there is only 2 days [considering it’s the afternoon, it’s actually LESS than 2 full days!] until the May adoptables hatch! 😀

Unfortunately for me, I haven’t had time to spend at the CE recently, my green pokeball is most definitely going to fail the race for medals >_< but with some luck I might get a medal on FarmYardKiNG [currently level 569] and if I don’t, I don’t mind ^_^ when I got CrimsoNKinG to level 10,000, I’d got an adoptable twice the level of any others, and I decided to stop CEing so much and get my 3-or-so hours a day back. Even though [I think, I know I’ve seen many adoptables very close] CrimsoNKinG is no longer the highest leveled adoptable, I’ve happily stepped back from the CE. I hope, with the next batch of adoptables, to get back into my past CE-addicted state … well, partially. I want to at least reach level 1000 with one of my next 2 [or will it be 4?] adoptables.

As an end for today’s post, here’s a countdown topic that started around 2 days ago. ^__^ Enjoy!


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