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April 30, 2008 at 16:03 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments
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Down one day, up yesterday, and down again today. 😉

Thankfully the GMC is hosted on what would appear to be a more reliable server …

YoYoJim [this time using a post title] wrote:

“You may have noticed that YYG has been suffering some performance issues today. Up to and including failing to load. This is a problem at our hosts and we’re assured should be fixed soon. Fortunately the GMC is on a different server and hence is still fully functional. Please bear with us (and them) while we try to resolve the problem.


YoYoJim’s this-time-complete-with-title Post “YYG Site Problems”

And one last piece of news for today, from this blog, it would appear that Noone doesn’t completely suck … he unexpectedly hates fellow lamer Enrai.

Unfortunately, Enrai is long gone, Noone was responding to 2-week-old comments: >.<

Enrai wrote:

“I love retards my dick goes down there throats the best when I corner them )


“Say hows your retarded girlfriend”

[you’re looking for mrsmes. Just go halfway around the world and you’re there.]

Noone wrote:

Bitch mother fucker ass(aka shut the fuck up)

also your a homo, fucker.”



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  1. On an unrelated note, here’s a funny spam comment I got overnight:

    Добрый день

    Хочу поделиться с вами как бы я хотел отдохнуть в Москве,мне много рассказывали что проститутки москвы там очень хорошие и есть много девушек которые предлагают знакомства,нашел в интернете сайт секс досуг очень много красивых и сексуальных девушек и стоимость 1 часа меньше,чем в Америки или Канаде, проститутки индивидуалки гарантируют элитное сексуальное обслуживание,посоветуйте,кто был в Москве и пользовался услугами проституток,или на сайте одно,а в жизни предлагают другое?

    С уважением ваш друг Влад

    Translated from Russian, it’s about Prostitutes. >_>

    I just thought it was funny that we had some typical spam posted in Russian, that’s never happened before.

  2. No, Noone is SonicXProductions from YoYoGames, and Enrai is a different user who might be SC666.

    Good to see you here, Makke. 😀

  3. Aren’t Noone and Enrai(And probably SC666) The same person?

  4. Makke:

    Noone is Sxp, Inuyasha’s version of Ihatepenguins, because they live like right next to each other. SxP is a member of Yoyogames who hacked Inuyasha.

    And I haven’t seen you at my blog in a while!


    I would love to see those two in a lamer fight 😀

  5. hey akh if you could send this over to ivor as i just saw his comment about me on you blog “spriter12 is on my enemys list”

    answer 1.) i was going to use it against them but i soon noticed that belice it or not they dont deserve it. pm me on yoyo for a more in depth answer.
    2.) no one is perfect. and God doesn’t zap us with a bolt of lightning when we do some thing wrong or in-correct. God gives us a choice to do right an wrong equal


  6. That Russian thing sounds like it’s some sort of bot or something.

    Good day

    Let me share with you how would I want to rest in Moscow, told me that many prostitutes moscow there are very good and there are many girls who offer dating, found on the Internet site of sex leisure very many beautiful girls and sexual and cost of 1 hour less than in America or Canada, prostitutes individualki guarantee elite sexual services, advise, who was in Moscow and enjoyed the services of prostitutes, or at one site, and in the life of another offer?

    Sincerely your friend Vlad

  7. @man-on-the-moon:



    … of course it was a bot, I even said it was your typical spam, just in Russian.


    You realise you’re responding to something posted on March 9th, right? And you didn’t need to post that thing twice. *sigh*

    Since you posted your comment there and over here, I want to post my comment there and over here, because I want you to read this.

    “That’s one fast answer there, spriter12.

    And what did I edit your last comment to say? None of this God bollocks. This blog is no place for religion and I think you’ll find that very few regular commenters here, if any, are christian. By putting God in every sentence not only are you losing your credibility in these people’s minds, but it’s a form of preaching, and I won’t have it.

    You’re still on my Enemies List and I still hate you.”

    I don’t care that you’ve changed your ways, I will never forgive you for your deception [lying was a very un-christian thing of you to do, that’s only how it worked]. I will never be able to trust you and I’m not comfortable with you coming here and seemingly ignoring what I say in response to you.

    And one last thing to you, couldn’t you have just PMed Ivor yourself?

  8. Bizarre that this post appeared so late from spriter12….theres someone else who responds to posts that are weeks old….i just cant remember his name….. 😉

    Anyway, yes Im back from that short trip away, very nice it was aswell…without mentioning the G word here is my take on that particular incident.

    1. Deception, no matter if it was in the name of a good cause, is strictly forbidden in the Bible….now unless you can show me the section that says “thou shalt not tell lies unless you are trying to get hold of AKH’s spamming routine…” then you cant argue with that, there is no justification full stop.

    2. Who are you to say “i was going to use it against them but i soon noticed that belice it or not they dont deserve it.” doesnt the bible also say “Judge not lest ye be judged?” who are you to pass judgment on who deserves something or not?

    Spriter12, I have no particular problem with you. even though you have double standards and seem to suggest that because you are christian you can “bend the rules” of the bible purely because you are of that faith…

    AKH is completely correct, there is no place for religious views on this blog, I believe there will be as many dedicated people as you who follow different faiths and they are ALL welcome here….We are talking about computers not religion, and I believe that a persons faith is a personal thing that is best left off any computing forum where there is a chance you could offend another person…however people that bring it up and then dont abide by its ethos can expect to be taken to task by other users.

    I truely believe that I am a better person for having no religion because I have arrived at my set of values without some religious text telling me I have to. I also respect all faiths, I dont think one is more correct than another….So I think im very fair minded aswell.

    Anyway enough of that…I see the weeks been quite uneventful…..

    Ill be posting again soon…
    Peace out…

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