YoYo Games returns to the internets

April 29, 2008 at 16:11 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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YoYo Games.com wrote:

CONGRATULATIONS….if you can see this message then you’ve joined us on our NEW servers you can now get back to uploading new games, rating and reviewing the existing games and the Game Maker downloads will be working again ! Thank You for your patience !!!”

As you can see from the quote from the marquee, over at YYG [I can’t rhyme any longer now] the site is back up. As far as I can see everyone can now access it, complete with it’s new and only titleless post BY YOYOJIM [not the best of moves, that … especially with recent blog posts being shown on the front page].

YoYoJim’s latest mistake brought with it some interesting news, despite not bringing a title.

First of all, the Competition deadline for the YoYo Games Ancient Civilisations Competition has been increased again, from the 30th of April to the 4th of May, and despite some fraudulent votes, Co-op WAS the winning theme of the Competition03 vote, just getting ahead of Unreality or as I prefer to put it [in a word that exists] Surrealism.

YoYoJim wrote:

“Time to start uploading those competition entries. I can now confirm a final deadline extension of 7 days, compensation for the 7 days we were offline, thus the final deadline for competition entries is now midnight of Sunday 4th of May – good luck to all the entrants.”

“Co-operation —–– 24%
Unreality ————- 23%
Retro ——————– 16%
Anti-Depressant – 13%
Time ——————– 13%
Opposites ——–— 10%”

*Percentage Alignment Corrected*

Although everyone’s got back on to YoYo, there just hasn’t been long enough for a showcase-able argument to emerge. All in due time, my friends …

[to me through PM]

ihatepenguins wrote:

“ive moved away, to the west, so now ill play with tigers head.

like the poem? truce. ill only be getting tiger from now on.”

[on tigerdude’s profile]

ihatepenguins wrote:

“ive moved away
to a better place
not in tigers reach.
so ill play
with tigers head today
on yoyogames while im away!

yeeha west is fun my new friends taught me the western rhymes.”

Read tigerdude’s post about IHP by clicking here.



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  1. “my new friends taught me the western rhymes”


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