YYG *WILL* be back up by Wednesday [GMT] at the latest

April 28, 2008 at 16:12 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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Yesterday my suspicions of YoYo Laziness were confirmed:

Sandy wrote:

“We’re still not on the new servers….I presume the smarter members of the GMC have worked out that we didn’t get this done by end of Friday and then we hit the weekend……… We’re still a small company, so most people take the weekend off….should all be fixed Monday. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t announce a new deadline for the latest competition until I knew that the new servers were online…..everything should be fixed tomorrow (Monday, UK time)), so look out for the revised competition deadline…..”

Glog Post “Don’t Worry”

But thankfully it would appear that not everyone at YoYo decided it would be in their best interests to waste 2 days of potential money-making, and today, which in GMT time is a Monday, YoYo kept their word for once and made the progress they had promised …

Sandy wrote:

“We’re in the FINAL STAGES of moving the site.  To make sure that the new site is completely up to date I’ve temporarily frozen the comments here.  If you see this message, then you haven’t as yet got the new DNS settings.  This shouldn’t take any more than 48 hours.  Sorry for the inconvenience !

Sandy and the YYG team”

Glog Post: “the Glog is LOCKED for comments”

So there you have it, the site is currently up, the Glog is currently frozen for comments and within 48 hours the entire YoYo site will *FINALLY* be available for everyone, 7 days later than planned. A big cheer for the speedy workers at YoYo Games! >_>

tigerdude’s been having computer troubles, but thankfully it’s all pretty much over now. Here’s what he had to say on it:

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“My computer is screwed. I am trying to fix it but haven’t been able to fix it. If I don’t make a blog post tomorrow,you’ll know why. I’ll be getting back to fixing something called a “driver”, so have fun while I work.

I am not being funny this time, my comp really isn’t doing good. I’ve got to find this things problem before SMM or my millions of sprites and sounds get deleted…I’ve searched google and nothings turned up. I have a unique problem ( . Well I’ll be typing to y’all some other time, got to get bak to fixing up the comp.”

“My computer’s graphics card was screwed, I could only see like 3 colors and the resolution was horrible. I fixed half of the problem, but the resolution won’t change. It is set on 800X600, and if anyone could give me some tips, it’d be appreciated. I already looked at almost every website Google could find for me, and no results for my computer at all. It seems like no one really wants to help fix a 98se anymore…

This same problem happened a year ago. My computer suddenly shut off and came back up in safe mode. I rebooted in normal mode and couldn’t see any colors or change the resolution. I took it to these computer fixers and it took them almost the entire day to fix it. I was scared that scnerio would happen again, so I posted yesterdays topic to announce that I may be gone for a few days. Well, I’m not.”

Mine and tigerdude’s forums have been making progress. I’m a mod on his and he’s a mod on mine, Firefall is a mod on both of ours and xxyasha is tigerdude’s third mod.

And in the situation his forum is in right now, it needs mods.

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“SXP is spamming up the Tigerdude1993 Forums, so I’ll be creating a special forum in the tohers section called “Lamer Spam.” I will move all of his topics that are spam into that category. Although he is a deleted member now, he still has his banned Noone account. To read the forums, visit this link:


SonicXProductions / Noone posted a total of around 15 spam topics before he was deleted, thankfully his mini spam attack appears to be over now … and he’s off on a trip with Inuyasha [xxyasha] among others to the Grand Canyon …

xxyasha wrote:

I’m already there with SXP (I forgot I was going today) so I’m getting ready to push him in. They said I could bring my laptop, everything is going quicker than expected.”


Forum Topic

Also being bitten in the ass by karma could be ihatepenguins (Matt Richards):

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“And here’s the final and happiest note of the day: Today is Matt Richards official birthday! And he has already moved! Well, I think I’m going to prank call him or something. I still don’t know where he moved to, but I bet that I can call his cell phone. I’ll get one of his lamer friends to tell me where he moved to. And since it is his birthday, I need to tell you his age: 15. He is about/over 6 months older than me.”

tigerdude’s blog post ^__^ 🙂



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  1. Yo yo games is now back up, in case you did’nt know

  2. turbox:

    really? ill go check.


    my damn resolution wont change. and i was trying to backup my gm files onto a cd cus i think its about to crash, but the damn computer wont let me. im getting so pissed off at this 98.

  3. Ok, let me know if it works for you, as i here it does’nt work for some users.

    Maybe you should get a new one soon, but did’nt you say before your getting a laptop soon anyway?

  4. yeah, ive got to save up until christmas, when ill get a whopping 200 USD from one set of my grandparents and 200 USD from other family members, plus whatever my parents give me. and dont forget my bday money! ill be getting a laptop, definitely, with that money this year.

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