YoYo Games is still down

April 23, 2008 at 15:26 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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it looks like the YoYo downtime has well overstayed it’s 24 hour welcome. Today, once again, I have little to write about.

I suppose I should, in a better-late-than-never style, inform you of the plans for the next YoYo Games Competition (the current competition, the Ancient Civilisations Competition, should end in about 7 days time).

The third YYG Competition is the YYG User-Generated Competition. You (as a community) choose what the theme is. Currently, the first stage of this is taking place, theme nomination (Freedom, BlaXun’s idea, seems very popular). Soon, a poll of the best themes will be made and the winning theme will be chosen. Entrants will then make their games around this theme.

to view YoYoJim’s nomination topic, click here.



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  1. im about to see if it is back up yet, i hope so, or i wont have much to blog about.

  2. My blog is BOOMING with hits, close to 200 for today! This noone/sonicxproductions/fake inuyasha guy is making my blog really popular! and firefall found out where enrai lives: KENTUCKY! you have to see my updated enrai knowledge bank.

    this noone is about as big as your enrai thing! you have to come onto my blog while your out of school, he commented in a ton of different posts (as far back as enrai knowledge bank, i think).

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