Like a bird, YoYo Games migrates

April 22, 2008 at 16:15 | Posted in Everything | 1 Comment
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YoYo wrote:

“The site will be down intermittently from 0900 GMT today for approximately 24 hours as YYG migrates to a new server. See the Glog for more information. “

As you can see, YoYo is down. All members have been logged out, and the login form is currently unavailable. Everything should be back to normal [maybe a bit faster to load 😉 ] in (according to what the site says) 17 hours from this post (this post was published at ~17:00 GMT). With everyone logged out, there hasn’t been much talk, and no comments or games have be posted. Although mrsmes snuck this in:

mrsmes wrote:

“guys stop this, @everyone: your a bad user and a liar and you tricked me into doing bad things, by joining your group i could have been arrested so your not on my freinds list any more your no freind to me, all you did was lie, a bit like ih8penguins.
@AKH: ok i misjudged you, but i am not sure if you might be apart of this group to so i need to stay clear of you, and leave all contact from you, this could be bad”

I think with today’s situation we should do as the Ivor Biggun does:

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Nothing happening today….no scenrai, so I thought that I would post some links to my favourite youtube videos that Ive found recently….

With the wife being addicted to Ebay, I thought this was great:

This guy is great, give the song a chance, hes very tallented… (and btw there is a commercial version of chocolate rain on the net now):

and heres the hardcore commercial version!:×2W12A8Qow&feature=user
Chocolate Rain appears in a Southpark Episode!!

Finally the romance story of the decade..:

Hopefully some of the above you may never have seen before… light of very little happening its the best I can offer..

Peace out….”

the YYG site will probably show just an IP address for a few days after this (like the GMC did), to read more see the blog post here:


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  1. […] is not pleasant, just irritating). For more info, go to the Yoyogames Glog. Alternatively, go to AKH’s Blog Post from today to get some […]

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