A Look Back on my PokePlushies Story

April 22, 2008 at 15:51 | Posted in Everything | 3 Comments
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Well, a recent topic in General Discussion made me think back to how I found PokePlushies. With the peaceful absence of news, I think I’ll tell it to save everyone looking back.

Toward the end of November, back when I didn’t have my daily news posts, tigerdude hadn’t joined YoYo and I used to visit the GMC everyday, making 1 or 2 posts there a week at least (that doesn’t happen now) … I saw a reindeer pokeball in someone’s sig. As it’s level grew (it skyrocketed to 78 in a matter of days) I gained interest. On the 27th of November, I thought I’d give it a go myself, adopting PwNaGe MaN, the 45,509th PokePlushie (thanks to the click exchange I’ve memorised his ID … but we haven’t got to the click exchange part yet).

On the 4th of December, I returned, and my addiction began, with me adopting the now traded ShaDowDuDE, and beginning my name capitalisation habit.

As the days began, and more Advent Chaos appeared, I started writing about them every day. And you know what that started? That started my daily news posts, not just for PokePlushies but for YoYo too. Looks like I owe PP more than I thought. 😀

Ultimately that lead us to the Hatching of PwNaGe MaN [before the CE, which explains a lack of medal on such a high level adoptable], the addition of the Click Exchange, February 3rd’s debut of Dinomon, GreyMaN’s miniature fame, the mostly-thanks-to-Quagthistle PP Trade Center, And CrimsoNKinG’s reign over all PokePlushies kind as the first to reach level 10,000.

Great times 😀 And as one last piece of news today, I’d like to introduce you all to what is both my newest and my oldest adoptable 😉 ChIkEn. Named after willhostforfood.com’s ChIkEn [formerly ChIkEn AtE mY dOnUtS]. I obviously got this in a trade, it was at the expense of my last 4 Advent Chaos [out of the ones I’ve got round to putting in my account so far]. Had I known they would be worth so much later on, I’d have hoarded them.

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  1. 😀 the exact thing I expected you to say … except for the trade center thing o.O I remember the thread now 😀 back when you weren’t even a mod.

    I don’t have a lot of time to post on the forums >.< I think my post count is 113 or something. And as usual, when I get on the forums I don’t post much, it’s a bad habit I got into from writing posts here, I would go to a forum to find the news, report on the news, and then not bother posting in the forum topic. XD

  2. …I don’t intend to be rude, but the trade center was originally created by me XD. Yeah, with the extreme amount of members flooding into PP the thread couldn’t hold up too much longer, and the new Trade Center that’s now there was needed, but still =/ I don’t get any credit? >_> That reminds me of BBR, claiming the center is hers(and is STILL hers) even though it’s not. ^^ Just something I wanted to point out lol. 😉 Nothing big, because I don’t really mind that Quag gets all the credit now.

    ^_^ I’m glad you came to PP too. I mean, without you being on PP, I wouldn’t have noticed a few things that you blogged about *doesn’t pay much attention*. And, you’re an awesome guy and friend, so yeah ^^ if you didn’t come to PP I would have missed out on that too. 😉 The only thing I would like is that you post more. *pokes and prods* Never see you posting anywhere LOL(well I do, but you get my point).

  3. 113 used to be my login number when I worked at a supermarket. FYI.

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