tigerdude1993 does all my work for me >.<

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[like the rhyme?]

Well, I logged on today to gather some news on YoYo for my post, I check out tigerdude’s blog, and what do you know? He’s only gone and got to all the YoYo News before me. >.<

to read tigerdude’s post, which I recommend you do, click here.

Although it’s provided in tigerdude’s post, I’m not going to be completely lazy. Here’s what happened on the (sadly still not deleted by Nailog) page of Penguin Hater the Hedgehog (which is actually Techno the Hedgehog uploaded by IHP), starting with some choice words by sonicguy1234:

sonicguy1234 wrote:


Dr Spazz wrote:

“how dare you

why did you steal techno’s game

just face it no one likes you

and you suck at game maker”

TechnoSuperguy wrote:

“I’ve never even spoken to you, let alone help you, IHP. But hey, if you want to take credit for a buggy, glitch-filled game like Techno, be my guest.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“technosuperguy: i dont know what this kids problem is (actually i do, i live practically next to him). ihp, this is stupid. take out your anger on me, not techno.
if you dont delete this……you know what will happen. Check the ASC Art.

..\–/.. “

[I think he means ASCII art]

LavaBall wrote:

“Not even a change(Maybe the help file, I didn’t bother opening it and I am not gonna play it again for it as I don’t care)


Oh yeah as everyone knows this is TechnoSuperguy’s game not yours.”

I wrote:


YoYo are usually quick with this sort of thing.”

For those who remember ultimatecritic1993 from yesterday, I have some news. He’s still at the defending IHP stage, like a spriter12 for a mrsmes.

Maybe the words of TurboX and LavaBall, serving as the words of me, Ivor Biggun and LavaBall in the respective metaphor, will change things around …

ultimatecritic1993 wrote:

hey i am sorry if other members are disrespecting you, i will try and starighten them up.”

LavaBall wrote:

“Seeing all those comments you posted you look you could do worse then smessy, Pathetic.”

TurboX wrote:

“ultimatecritic, this guy is a liar, a theif a hacker and a spammer, he tried the I am sorry game a few months ago, then when we all forgave him, he got his little brother to hack tigerdude”

And finally, I have recieved a PM on YoYo from a person who wishes to remain anonymous [o.O] containing some private words of the smes. He’s been talking with mrsmes over PM, so you won’t find these anywhere else on the net 😀 I have 3 quotes, which make a good ending to the post and show just how much smesy still thinks about me, Ivor Biggun and LavaBall. I assume these 3 PMs were sent at some point in the last 10-20 days, and without further ado, here they are:

mrsmes wrote:

“well i know AKH, is learning and making more right decisions but i am not so sure about Ivor, and LavaBall although i have no clue as to why, are those nerds trying to black mail me and set me up and frame me and make it look as though i am a bad person”

“how ever that bot was just a annoying freak if anything close, but it taught me that i needed to try and compromise more often and i also picked up something from the simpsons that compromising ends a lot of fights and arguments some times so it’s a better road to take.”

“i still can’t find the glitch so if you could send me a screenshot in a pm or something as long as it’s in a zip file for a download link because i am not sending my email address to any one for just incase they do ever try to hack my account, you have to be careful about those kinds of things you know.




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  1. Nothing happening today….no scenrai, so I thought that I would post some links to my favourite youtube videos that Ive found recently….

    With the wife being addicted to Ebay, I thought this was great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYokLWfqbaU

    This guy is great, give the song a chance, hes very tallented… (and btw there is a commercial version of chocolate rain on the net now):

    and heres the hardcore commercial version!:
    Chocolate Rain appears in a Southpark Episode!!

    Finally the romance story of the decade..:

    Hopefully some of the above you may never have seen before…..in light of very little happening its the best I can offer..

    Peace out….



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