A trip back in time, with Enrai and SC creeping on board …

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My friends, today we take a journey through time back to the age of the pre-beating ihatepenguins/Matt Richards … Well, in a way. O.o

Ivor Biggun has returned [YAY! 😀 ] ihatepenguins has returned [YAY! 😀 ] but I think he’s trying to corrupt my usually truthful and accurate posts with lies [GRRR 👿 ] just before he fights with tigerdude again soon [YAY! 😀 ]. Enrai and SC managed to become stowaways in our metaphorical time machine – and by that I mean they’re still hanging around here making their half-spam posts. >_>

tigerdude made an Enrai Knowledge Bank, with some interesting stuff … hopefully he’ll be able to add to the stack of humiliating Enrai facts and it will grow far beyond the towering oak tree of a post that it is now. I recommend reading it. 😀

Anyway, I’ll begin today’s tour of events with a PM I got from IHP …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“I got beat up, sure, but what will tiger be like after I kill him with something next week? then you can say O tiger got owned

why did you get tii to spam me and bobserge you bastard”

*so much for his “I nearly killed tiger” comments* …

I replied:

“1. You’re gonna get your ass kicked again.

2. I didn’t tell Tuntis and Bobserge to spam you, I assume this is some sort of lie to try and distort my news posts from the truth. I’m not going to listen to you any more.”

Think what you like of his words, just remember that he’s a Chronic Liar. 😉

With that, we are lead swiftly on to the mountain of lies IHP posted on tigerdude’s profile … (this is a good quote)

ihatepenguins wrote [on tigerdude’s, TurboX’s, mine and his profiles]:

“I have returned for my revenge. I know that some of you despise me, but this will all change soon. I have Tigerdude1993’s biggest secret, that will turn you against him forever. If I shall tell you all, I need you all to help me with one of my problems (Tigerdude1993). Thank you in advance, TurboX and AKH.”

ihatepenguins wrote after this [on tigerdude’s profile only]:

“Well, my old friend, how have you been? 8|)
I am returned now, and I shall make you pay, for all the things you said, did, lied about, and all other “abouts” that you incoherently did, which makes me despise you. I will gve the big secret away, all will hail me, and all shall hate Tigerdude1993!


You always say AKH is a snobby kid who gets on your nerves. He ain’t your friend, AKH. I know what I say is truth. Tiger makes fun of British people ALOT. Always does the tooths joke. Tiger hates you, TurboX, beccause he knows Ghast and Turbo will be better than his shitty game. He hates that you went off with MiNGmOO and made a game with him, because he wanted to do that dumbass project that you kicked me out of. Tiger must come out now, so he can get the good olde revenge


Inuyasha, he hates Canadians, especially YOU. He said quotely “Inuyasha is such a damn faggot” end quotely. He hates you, SOnicguy1234, and said you do it with Heartagram123. TRUTHFULLEST! AKH< Enrai is Tiger’s asecond account with which he annoys you. And Tiger says AKH is his bitch. Goodbye be back in a day. Have fun fixing this Tiger, you won’t come out of this easy.”

TurboX wrote:

“Don’t worry tigerdude we won’t believe him.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks. I posted something in my blog about it.”

link: http://tigerdude1993.wordpress.com/2008/04/18/ihatepenguins-tries-to-get-revenge/

inuyasha wrote:

“@IHP 6th comment:
Tigerdude said that? Well I don’t belive you so ha! Also I don’t see why someone would call someone a “damn f***ot.”. IHP you can’t win. You will get beat up agian by tigerdude. Also all your saying is your own crappy lies. Idiot. I don’t see who would join you?”

I wrote:

“Damn, IHP, why do you lie so obviously and then expect people to believe you? For someone of your age you have a warped mind.”

tigerdude1993 wrote [on IHP’s Profile]:

“What a nerd. Do you want another beating, Matt? If you just ease off the lying for once, maybe I won’t hurt you as hard tomorrow. That’s right, I am fighting him again. Maybe this time, he will listen to me. 😉 “


I have a feeling we’ll still be stuck back in time tomorrow! Now, I don’t know about America, but over here, tomorrow is a Sunday. Will there be a different setting for the fight this time? Who knows. Although I’m not completely sure there’s gonna e a fight, tigerdude wrote it, it has a lot of credibility. All that matters is whether IHP is going to hide or not. ^_^

Anyways, while lurking in a paedophile kind-of-way on our metaphorical time machine, Enrai and SC have been doing the usual together: Making idiotic posts and getting verbally owned – Enrai more than his “pet”, SC. A Civil Partnership looks just around the corner 😉 ha ha. As always, I’ll quote the action right here, right now, there’s no need to find it yourself. 😀

Enrai wrote:

“Your a pathetic little girl.You hate your penis and want to be a girl you fag.You can lye to your friends but not me ADAM )
P.S As I stated I have lots more.But because your a child I will not reveal that.Laws and all. (

I wrote:

“BAHAHAHA. You don’t have anything. Prove you have something I haven’t made available online, email it to me.


(other than an email entitled “Women Will Appreciate Your New Size” I haven’t recieved anything)

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Enrai, shut the hell up. You aren’t 35, and if you are you probably have mental issues. Stop saying things like “I know all of you”, running your mouth won’t get you anywhere. If you actually know everyone, you should know my first name and last name. If you can provide this to me, I will believe you from now on. Won’t happen though, I haven’t posted my real name on any website or blog, so good luck finding out who I am. If you fail to give me my real name in 48 hours, I have disproven your many claims to be a stalker. Good luck.

AKH, we should counter-attack this guy by finding some info on him. I will do this and I will send it to you via PM on yoyogames. Then you can post it on your blog. Too bad this information search may take awhile, unlike my recent Heartagram123 knowledge-bank.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I already made the knowledge bank, check it out on my blog. It seems as though Enrai flocks to blogs and online MMORPG’s, what a dork -D . What 35 year old plays World of Warcraft (I should also be saying who likes to play online games, them things are for major nerds so they can feel strong and cool but they know in real life this can’t happen ;-) )?”

P1M (poop1mama) wrote:

“God, Enrai you are such a retard. Commit suicide, I swear the world will be so much better without you. On a better note, I traded Disturbed for Mesiah, his Mew, for my Summer Dragon Cylin, a Red Swiftwing, and a Burning Building, and I recieved 6 Yoshis from SamichiRomek. ^^”

Firefall wrote:

“Well, I have nothing solid here, I was just searching the net, and I came across this:


Says he’s 21. >_< And before I posted this, I went to some of the commenter’s pages to see how he spoke. It=fail, just like he is acting right here. Coincidence? Maybe, I have no idea. ^^ Either way, I had a laugh. Also, if he really lives in Japan, it explains why he fails at English too 8D.

A quote from myspace Enrai:
“werd 6.9,just make sure is after 5pm, i werk…and don’t ask me 2 esplain that again.”

XD Looks like his writing, no?

But yeah, I have no idea who that is really. ^^ Just wanted to show yall ;), since it did sorta seem to me like Enrai from here.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Shiver me timbers….Im back….

I leave you alone for 5 minutes AKH, and youve gone and found yourself one of the best lamers this blog has ever had….Enrai’s great…

Onto more important news, I have been away fighting a battle between 2 release crews and a tracker site, which we have now sucessfully shut down!!!

So Ive got a little time on my hands, and the only place I could think of coming to is the blog…

Hey Enrai…why not get some info on me???? Lol…if the MPAA cant do it after we released another R5 or keygen…what chance does a lamer like you have? You cant even spell!

Enrai, as you like doing cutnpaste research, before you make a response to me check out why I came to yoyo or here….you’ll just make yourself look even sillier if you dont (if that can be possible)

The only thing that disturbs me about Enrai is the fact that he like to throw sexual profanity (that means rude words Enrai) at under 18 boys…AKH I hope youve resolved his IP…Im sure his country of origin (Id say USA) will have a local police authority that would be very interested in what he has been saying….he sounds like one of those Internet groomers, hes already made a pet out of SC….if it was anyone else but SC I would be concerned, but since its him I couldnt care less what kinky little games Enrai is playing with SC in his spare time.

Hope youre well AKH,

Peace out.”

SatanChild666 wrote:

“Son of a fuck Ivor Big Cannon is back >: |

It doesnt surprise me tough but you better not do anything funny or I will ram my fist right into your face motherfucker”

I wrote:

“Ivor Biggun! You’re back! D Great to see you here again.

tigerdude, I can’t wait to see your Enrai Knowledge Bank. ;)

“Well, I have nothing solid here, I was just searching the net, and I came across this:


Says he’s 21. >_< And before I posted this, I went to some of the commenter’s pages to see how he spoke. It=fail, just like he is acting right here. Coincidence? Maybe, I have no idea. ^^ Either way, I had a laugh. Also, if he really lives in Japan, it explains why he fails at English too 8D.

A quote from myspace Enrai:
“werd 6.9,just make sure is after 5pm, i werk…and don’t ask me 2 esplain that again.”

XD Looks like his writing, no?”

it does look like it could be him, but Enrai on YoYo claimed to be 32, and I’ve seen enough of his comments to know he probably wouldn’t write something like that … because he probably doesn’t have a job. XD

Ivor Biggun wrote:

LOL and SC’s here….have you met Enrai yet? You walking with a limp yet?

So SC is gonna come here and smash me in the face…great…im really frightened…

Anyway AKH, Im gonna assume Enrai and SC are different people for the moment (although I have my doubts)… maybe you could dedicate your blog for the day to Enrai and his new pet SC… I personally think they make a lovely couple and SC might not feel the need to spam anywhere else with porn or profanity, as with any new couple theres so much to talk about….I think SC’s new relationship is just what he needs…

SC, you can be assured I really dont want to try anything funny with you, Enrai can do that….

and finally SC, do you really think someone like me, under normal circumstances would even talk to you? I live in a world of asm, code caves and 0daywarezFTP…do you really think a GM lamer would even come into my day? I allow you time as I am here…..but if you think for one minute that anything you say to me is taken seriously, then you are mistaken. We all know youre real name SC, as you had it on your original profile and you’ll be supprised at how many .nfo’s on releases with messages to slag you off…Infact we just finished another nasty little keygen and I think I will dedicate it to you and your new “special friend” Enrai….”

And that concludes our trip back in time.

… or does it? I’ll make sure to let you know of any more fighting between tigerdude and IHP, and tomorrow’s news post will have some words from Enrai again, no doubt. Enjoy today’s (very long) post. 😀



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  1. […] moneytalkstorrent367 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHe ain’t your friend, AKH. I know what I say is truth. Tiger makes fun of British people ALOT. Always does the tooths joke. Tiger hates you, TurboX, beccause he knows Ghast and Turbo will be better than his shitty game. … […]

  2. Wow, what a long post. I’ll be adding to the Enrai Knowledge Bank today, I just got that Myspace page from Firefall that looks like it may be him. I am waiting for Matt to phone me up, we are gonna fight at the bball court which no one goes to, so that I can get away with fighting 😉 . I will be sure to post about it after it is over.

    So Matt is going to kill me just like last time? 😀

    And hi Ivor, how’s it been?

  3. I can’t wait til tomorrow >:D

    I’l love to know how it ends about him, I bet he will go running N crying.

  4. YAY! *checks post timestamp* he should be back soon!

  5. Makke, actually, Matt will fight me today.

    i just got the text, AKH, and it is time to go fight him. i should be back in 30 minutes, everyone, with a post on my blog about the fun little event.

  6. Hi tiger, yeah its been good…

    Ive laughed at this whole IHP incident (Ive been playing catchup for what ive missed)

    Id say dont bother fighting him. It is very obvious to everyone that IHP is a liar and a coward… But he strikes me as the type of person that will make threats and then go and tell his mother or school and get the person into trouble….When you said that you had to go offline due to unusual circumstances, I thought that IHP might have reported you to the police for the beating you gave him and thats why you were not coming back online….

    There will always be IHP type characters, and they are just not worth it….we should pity the likes of SC, IHP and Enrai as they have severe personality flaws which render them completely unlikeable….I found this poster the other day on the net, and I think its relevant for the likes of IHP/SC/ENRAI:


  7. yeah, I know, when I did leave I was just grounded, but you are right, I could get in severe trouble. I wasn’t really gonna fight him until he started sending texts about how he wanted to fight me again. You are definitely right, it isn’t worth fighting. But it is over and done with now, and the post about the fight has been written.

    PS nice pic, reminds me not only of IHP/Enrai/SC but also of someone who makes games with unexpected errors.

  8. Pleased youre ok….it shows what type of person IHP is when he has to use a paintball gun and his friends…..

    What id do in the future, is make sure you record all of his silly little threats…that way should he decide to do anything else cowardly, you have them as evidence that he started it…

    In regards to the poster, Ive found loads of these on the net….but I instantly thought of Yoyo when I saw that one…

    Hows youre game making going? – I will get around to posting on your blog, at the moment Im just catching up!!!

    In other news, Im still waiting for the Dr Jeckyl character of SC/Enrai to provide any details on me… or even to respond….

  9. yeah, haha. i have those texts saved in my phone, so I am set if he tattles. i am still making Sonic Mystic Machine, very slowly.

    Enrai is responding at my blog using AKH’s avatar.

  10. After re-reading SCenrai’s posts, I think he may have made an unintentional error… To all non-posting readers of this blog, using an anon proxy is easy, and if you dont want to set up your browser to automatically use one, there are loads of gateway sites that allow anon browsing…Its simple and does not make you a hacker…You can also find your own insecure proxies using a program called Proxyhunter.

    Enrai said he hacks others accounts. In order to do that properly you would need asm/c/linux experience, something which Enrai has already admitted he cant grasp, thats why he uses GM.

    Now the mistake Enrai seems to have made is when he says “screen names” and passwords…. Most people connect to the internet either because they are permanently on or through Firefox/other browser directly…all except one…..AOL still use their own software which requires logon with the word “Screen name” and I believe Enrai has made a little error in accidently revealing the way he connects to the net….

    Now taking that research a little further there is an aol user with the “screen name” Enrai…there is only one, so its not a common name to be used…

    it may be him……enrai@aol.com

    Just an idea…

    Oh and btw if there are any readers who want to know how to use proxies to surf, just post your request….I will be more than happy to give you simple instructions on how to do it.

  11. @ tigerdude1993: O_O You fought him again? T_T Don’t get yourself in trouble. I know you’re already doing it, but keep those texts. >_> Lock them on your phone, and make sure no one gets your phone. T-T Wouldn’t want you to get into juvie or anything like that…though, I hope you had a good time ^^.

    Ivor Biggun: :/ Actually, Enrai is a rather popular name. It’s the name of a Japanese band, hence how I found that myspace page yesterday. XD Was looking for a friend of mine in Tokyo and the band Enrai came to mind. Looked it up, and what do you know, found that page ^_~.

    Not saying that that isn’t him, as you already said you weren’t sure, but just saying that I’m actually surprised there was only one Enrai username -_-…

  12. yeah, as I said it could be… however add the fact that he mentioned the word “screen name” which is something used with the service provider AOL,there is a chance….The band Enrai cant be that popular either as over the entire AOL network there is only one… most names that you try to request now have to have a number in them as they are already registered…

    Anyway its all academic…if the SCenrai IP is reported properly then, if there are any agencies who think it should be followed up, they can do….

    As I said to Enrai before, I was not really bothered who he is… I didnt come back to this blog to chat to a lamer…and personally would like to distance myself from anyone who spends their time threatening and searching for info on minors…

    Anyway, onto different news, having just finished playing catchup on the mad fantasies of the yoyo members, I must say Im disapointed….sure there are a few “GM is the best” and “Im going pro” coupled with the MMORG fantasists…but nothing really out of the ordinary…

    I did laugh when I found out that this whole Enrai bitterness started because some people downrated his hopeless efforts….God, if he cant get it right with GM, there really is no hope….

    I am still waiting for SCenrai to come back and tell me my personal info…this is why im convinced the two are the same person…Is it really possible to have two lamers with dillusions on this blog at the same time? Just like SC claimed he could write a virus and bring down this blog (LOL) Enrai claims he can hack accounts and track people (LOL) both have failed to live up to their promises (as if anyone thought for a moment they could) and both SC and Enrai have very unique views on what is acceptable to post to minors…

  13. The AOL theory is a good one 😉 As soon as I saw him saying “Screen Name” I thought AOL (it’s my only way of connecting to the internet >_> ) it’s a horrible browser used mostly by people who don’t understand how the internet works [I’m an exception 😀 ] and don’t believe in Free Speech (the AOL message boards are just horrible – they seem to have an “Agree or Get Banned” rule … needless to say after around 5 posts there [last year when I first got AOL] I’m “no longer allowed to access that area”). Anyone with sense would use a better browser – I know from experience – AOL often crashes with mildly large web pages [say, anything over around 30-60 KB], it takes up a lot more virtual memory than a web browser needs, and I can rarely load flash games or applets in it. it gives blue screen errors if you don’t clear the cache every day or so – that’s the worst part. I’ve posted many a screenshot here of me using AOL, but in my defense, I only use it for working on this blog. I mostly use Firefox or IE – Firefox for the PP Click Exchange (Where I’m not logged in to PP), spamming with iMacros, and some forums (I think only hackthesch00l.6x.to). I use IE for things like the PP Trade Center, most forums and my email account (where thanks to the magic of cookies I am logged in) I use AOL to write posts [and comments] here because that’s how I started out writing them over a year ago, and it sort of stuck. >_< I think with WordPress’ recent admin panel makeover, I should make some changes too. I think I’ll go with IE. Anyways …

    Makke, I’ll check out SC’s new accounts ASAP, this’ll be good to write about. 😀

  14. 😀 it’s OK.

  15. Good morning, just checked yoyo and nothings really happening….except for the SC sillyness that we are all bored with…I dont need to explain what he’s been up to as its the same old stuff (having said that, at least he’s stayed away from posting porn this time, maybe he learnt his lesson there.)

    Moving onto more interesting stuff…there is a apparently an R5 Shutter release today by Diamond…I’ll let ya know if its a fake….

  16. oh and if you dont know what I mean by the above, then just forget it…its not important…

  17. SC666 Created 2 new accounts to do shit with, One is anyone and the other everywhere, He rated your games and lavaball games a 1/6 and he seems he wants to make friends to smes(Yeah right, I don’t think smes is that stupid to team up with him anyway)

    He rated all of mrsmes games a 6/6

    In other words same old crap.

  18. Sorry I meant everyone not everywhere.

  19. Lol, it kept me interested for a few minutes whilst I was installing something…

    He would have a job rating my games, as firstly I dont make em I crack em and secondly he has failed to identify my real handle or even something I have coded..and thirdly I would never consider even loading GM let alone using it..hence why I selected the handle Ivor Biggun….

    If SC wants to spend his time trying to annoy people for a few hours, then I say let him….Its better than him spending the time releasing hopelessly lame efforts with GM…..or batchfiles that dont work… 🙂

  20. AKH, I hope you dont mind, and I can delete it if you require, but Ive made a redirect for your blog that is far easier to qoute to people…..


    I was creating a little havok earlier and thought that this blog could do with a shorter address…

    hope you like it…

  21. For anyone interested the R5 Shutter release is FAKE… I didnt think Diamond would release it without one of the logs having a copy of the .nfo

    again, if you dont know what Im talking about, then this info is not for you.

  22. […] has returned YAY! ihatepenguins has returned YAY! but I think he??s trying to corrupt my usualhttp://akh505.wordpress.com/2008/04/19/a-trip-back-in-time-with-enrai-and-sc-creeping-on-board/Jones-ing for summer movies Provo Daily HeraldAh, summertime. Unlike in February or September, when […]

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