Enrai’s Scary Copy-and-Paste Massacre causes more DEATH Annoyance

April 18, 2008 at 16:05 | Posted in Everything | 27 Comments
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That’s right, he can’t take a hint, and he’s still here. Let’s all point and laugh at Enrai.

Today he determinedly failed to find information on me that I didn’t want people to know. But first, let’s warm things up with his humiliating attempt to become an influential part of the discussion [about Nekru] on yesterday’s post.

Enrai wrote:

“[quote]you’re a big-headed with no real friends, just people
who take advantage of you. The only way you can keep your so-called “Friends”
(most of which don’t actually know you) is by doing whatever they say without
question and rating their games 6/6 even if they are a complete load of
, which most of the time they are.
You’re the one who should shut up here, your actions have offended many people
I’m sure, and if you keep it up, one day all these “friends” of yours will come
to their senses and give you the finger.[/quote]”

Lord Arceus wrote:

“What are you quoting? Your description? Lol, Enrai got owned sooo bad.”

spriter12 wrote:

“when is some one who knows him push him off a hill or some thing?”

Makke wrote:

“Oh the idiot is back.”

I wrote:

“Enrai, am I supposed to be impressed by you reading through my blog and pasting things I wrote a few months back? Thanks for the hits, but next time don’t bother.”

And now, the best part, you’ve been itching to read it I’m sure [>_>], let’s take a look at a more ancient post where Enrai fails to get belief of his claim to be an expert stalker … this is good …

Enrai wrote:

“Great Britain
Adam Hinder
29 May 1992
Gender: Male
Age: 15
You think your smart.Your pimple faced.You play little girl games.You like hip hop.You go by
This is all I will show of a little child.When you reach 18 we will meet. )

I wrote:

““Great Britain”

I set that as my location wherever I go.

“Adam Hinder”

Well done, you saw my YoYo Profile.

“29 May 1992″

Again, I give this out.

“Gender: Male”


“Age: 15″



Given out.

“You think your smart.”
Wrong. I know I’m smart ;)

“Your pimple faced.You play little girl games.”

1. No
2. No

“You like hip hop.”

enough with the falsified insults Hip Hop is gay. I assume you tried to stereotype me by age group and location – it didn’t work. I like anything but hip hop & [maybe] rap (and of course all the crappy classical opera bollocks).

“You go by
Adamh40,” [can be found on my GMC profile] “akh,akh500,” [DUH!] “akh404.” [My slimeonline username. I use it nowhere else and since I’m banned from Slime Online I no longer actually go by it].


that’s part of mrsmes’ address. it has nothing to do with me.

“This is all I will show of a little child.When you reach 18 we will meet. )

How’s about go fuck yourself.

Besides, you have no idea where I live. The Challenge I gave you was to find my Home Address, it is (or was) freely available on the internet up until the time when I wrote these words. it was on platial.com, it wasn’t hard to find but it appears you failed even a task designed for someone of your poor intelligience to complete.

You’re no hacker, and you’re not fooling anyone, all you’re doing is using Google and WHOIS sites to find information people have willingly given out about themselves. And you can’t even do that right. I’m growing tired of your incompetence. Prove yourself as the “stalker” you claim to be or fuck off. Because no one’s scared of you, you’re just revealing to the world that you’re a retard. Everyone knows where you got their information from, they made it publically available. They GAVE it to you. You didn’t get it through hacking them.”

if I do somehow come across a creepy 35 year old man when I’m 18, I’ll let you know. XD



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  1. Your a pathetic little girl.You hate your penis and want to be a girl you fag.You can lye to your friends but not me ADAM 🙂
    P.S As I stated I have lots more.But because your a child I will not reveal that.Laws and all. 😦

  2. BAHAHAHA. You don’t have anything. Prove you have something I haven’t made available online, email it to me.


  3. Enrai, shut the hell up. You aren’t 35, and if you are you probably have mental issues. Stop saying things like “I know all of you”, running your mouth won’t get you anywhere. If you actually know everyone, you should know my first name and last name. If you can provide this to me, I will believe you from now on. Won’t happen though, I haven’t posted my real name on any website or blog, so good luck finding out who I am. If you fail to give me my real name in 48 hours, I have disproven your many claims to be a stalker. Good luck.

    AKH, we should counter-attack this guy by finding some info on him. I will do this and I will send it to you via PM on yoyogames. Then you can post it on your blog. Too bad this information search may take awhile, unlike my recent Heartagram123 knowledge-bank.

  4. I already made the knowledge bank, check it out on my blog. It seems as though Enrai flocks to blogs and online MMORPG’s, what a dork 😀 . What 35 year old plays World of Warcraft (I should also be saying who likes to play online games, them things are for major nerds so they can feel strong and cool but they know in real life this can’t happen 😉 )?

  5. God, Enrai you are such a retard. Commit suicide, I swear the world will be so much better without you. On a better note, I traded Disturbed for Mesiah, his Mew, for my Summer Dragon Cylin, a Red Swiftwing, and a Burning Building, and I recieved 6 Yoshis from SamichiRomek. ^^

  6. Well, I have nothing solid here, I was just searching the net, and I came across this:


    Says he’s 21. >_< And before I posted this, I went to some of the commenter’s pages to see how he spoke. It=fail, just like he is acting right here. Coincidence? Maybe, I have no idea. ^^ Either way, I had a laugh. Also, if he really lives in Japan, it explains why he fails at English too 8D.

    A quote from myspace Enrai:
    “werd 6.9,just make sure is after 5pm, i werk…and don’t ask me 2 esplain that again.”

    XD Looks like his writing, no?

    But yeah, I have no idea who that is really. ^^ Just wanted to show yall ;), since it did sorta seem to me like Enrai from here.

  7. Ivor Biggun! You’re back! 😀 Great to see you here again.

    tigerdude, I can’t wait to see your Enrai Knowledge Bank. 😉

    “Well, I have nothing solid here, I was just searching the net, and I came across this:


    Says he’s 21. >_< And before I posted this, I went to some of the commenter’s pages to see how he spoke. It=fail, just like he is acting right here. Coincidence? Maybe, I have no idea. ^^ Either way, I had a laugh. Also, if he really lives in Japan, it explains why he fails at English too 8D.

    A quote from myspace Enrai:
    “werd 6.9,just make sure is after 5pm, i werk…and don’t ask me 2 esplain that again.”

    XD Looks like his writing, no?”

    it does look like it could be him, but Enrai on YoYo claimed to be 32, and I’ve seen enough of his comments to know he probably wouldn’t write something like that … because he probably doesn’t have a job. XD

  8. Shiver me timbers….Im back….

    I leave you alone for 5 minutes AKH, and youve gone and found yourself one of the best lamers this blog has ever had….Enrai’s great…

    Onto more important news, I have been away fighting a battle between 2 release crews and a tracker site, which we have now sucessfully shut down!!!

    So Ive got a little time on my hands, and the only place I could think of coming to is the blog…

    Hey Enrai…why not get some info on me???? Lol…if the MPAA cant do it after we released another R5 or keygen…what chance does a lamer like you have? You cant even spell!

    Enrai, as you like doing cutnpaste research, before you make a response to me check out why I came to yoyo or here….you’ll just make yourself look even sillier if you dont (if that can be possible)

    The only thing that disturbs me about Enrai is the fact that he like to throw sexual profanity (that means rude words Enrai) at under 18 boys…AKH I hope youve resolved his IP…Im sure his country of origin (Id say USA) will have a local police authority that would be very interested in what he has been saying….he sounds like one of those Internet groomers, hes already made a pet out of SC….if it was anyone else but SC I would be concerned, but since its him I couldnt care less what kinky little games Enrai is playing with SC in his spare time.

    Hope youre well AKH,

    Peace out.

  9. Son of a fuck Ivor Big Cannon is back >:|

    It doesnt surprise me tough but you better not do anything funny or I will ram my fist right into your face motherfucker

  10. That smily is meant to be >: |

  11. LOL and SC’s here….have you met Enrai yet? You walking with a limp yet?

    So SC is gonna come here and smash me in the face…great…im really frightened…

    Anyway AKH, Im gonna assume Enrai and SC are different people for the moment (although I have my doubts)… maybe you could dedicate your blog for the day to Enrai and his new pet SC… I personally think they make a lovely couple and SC might not feel the need to spam anywhere else with porn or profanity, as with any new couple theres so much to talk about….I think SC’s new relationship is just what he needs…

    SC, you can be assured I really dont want to try anything funny with you, Enrai can do that….

    and finally SC, do you really think someone like me, under normal circumstances would even talk to you? I live in a world of asm, code caves and 0daywarez http://FTP…do you really think a GM lamer would even come into my day? I allow you time as I am here…..but if you think for one minute that anything you say to me is taken seriously, then you are mistaken. We all know youre real name SC, as you had it on your original profile and you’ll be supprised at how many .nfo’s on releases with messages to slag you off…Infact we just finished another nasty little keygen and I think I will dedicate it to you and your new “special friend” Enrai….

  12. btw I dont know why wordpress put that link in.. it was supposed to read “0daywarezFTP”

  13. AKH, after looking back at Enrai’s “research” on people, I believe this is what he will return on me (after all, all he does is a google and a copy & paste from a profile)

    Yoyoname: Ivor Biggun
    Real Name: Arnold Rimmer (AKA Ace Rimmer)
    Website: http://www.reddwarf.co.uk (and he’ll probably DNS lookup on it aswell)

    To save you the time Enrai and try and help you a little, when I was “called” to the world of yoyolamers I had to hide my real handle, for fear of my crew and other coders finding out that I was associating with GM…even though I would never use it, I would be eternally laughed at for having anything to do with it….Ace Rimmer is actually a character from a UK Scifi show Red Dwarf. He is the alternative reality version of a character called Arnold Rimmer…. The picture on my profile is one ripped from the reddwarf site and the saying “smoke me a kipper, Ill be back for breakfast” is Ace Rimmers catchphrase….

    There Ive helped you loads Enrai, lets see if you can get any info….I am over 30 Enrai so dont give me that rubbish of not wanting to publish my details because Im a minor (but you seem to find it ok to use sexual references to minors)….Enrai you are a liar, and a very bad one at that….and Id also say you are some form of sexual deviant aswell.

    Theres more chance of SC becoming the US president then there is of you tracking anyone down….LOL

    What a lamer…..

  14. Dont you worry tough as soon as I will track your location on google earth I will get my PSG1 Sniper Rifle and kill you

    Be sure on that as I really do possess a PSG1 SR 😉

  15. And what you plan to do with fantasy made sniper rifle?

    Go and make a riot with it?

    I seriously hope you will get arrested both for your sexual desires and illegal possessions of weapons, Idiot.

  16. “Be sure on that as I really do possess a PSG1 SR”

    Yeah of course you do…. and I think that you may have slipped into Enrai mode there…isnt it Enrai that I was speaking to? Are you a little confused?

    SC you dont own a weapon, you are a liar, proved and convicted… Its actually quite insulting that you think anyone would believe this rubbish….

    SC please do track me….Id love to meet you…You are welcome to come and see me anytime…but like I say, if the MPAA cant do it, how does a 1bit lamer like you?

    lol…SC are you so blind not to notice that you have absolutely no respect from anyone…? We love you coming here as you are the internet version of a freak show, where people can come along, point and laugh…are you really so disturbed that you cant see that???

    Carry on SC, lets get AKH’s hits higher…afterall you are the star of your own freak show.

  17. Talk about pathetic NONE of you found me.I suggest you kiddies keep on trying.My ip is not my IP.I hack others accounts screen names passwords ect…None of you will ever know who I am.Talk about pathetic.
    http://www.myspace.com/enrai not me
    world of war craft not me all of the above not me.A nerd not me.I told you all who I am.Like every asshole on the internet that thinks they can hide behind computer screens at home or where ever.You are all so wrong.I have been watching you all for some time.Like I said before no need to search the net and try to change you alls info now.I already have it all.I am not dumb.I do not start shit with assholes and tell them I have there info until I have searched the intire net for them.

  18. Enrai: I have seen too much information over the net that is exactly like you. I have experience with liars and schemers. I fought one today. I know you are lying, those website users named Enrai are exactly like you.

    And I don’t just talk, i do what i say i am going to do. So i don’t care if you say this person is you or that person isnt you, I will keep on creating the knowledge bank and prove you wrong 😀 .

    when I look something up I actually find stuff, i don’t just copy and paste, i ANALYZE, something you apparently don’t know how to do.

    and you dont have to play w.o.w. to be a nerd, YOU ALREADY ARE A NERD.

  19. Enrai said “Talk about pathetic NONE of you found me.I suggest you kiddies keep on trying.My ip is not my IP.I hack others accounts screen names passwords ect…None of you will ever know who I am.Talk about pathetic.”

    Er Enrai son, I wasnt looking for details on you, because Im not interested in some 1bit lamer. I was interested to see if you could get any details on me, search the entire net? what 0daywarez sites aswell? What about IRC? what about usenet? LOL

    I have doubts if you are even a different person to SC and I think its quite likely that you are some facet of SC’s stunted mind.

    I laughed when I read your comment on Yoyo regarding GM…when you said you used it because its simpler than C# and VB….

    If you cant grasp VB and have to use GM then I dont know how you expect to be able to track anything…You are probably the lamest person Ive ever come across in the world of yoyo…

    I have some more help for you in tracking down my real handle….the Ivor Biggun name came from a Derek and Clive radio sketch and was the first thing that came to mind when I wanted to set up an anon yoyo account…..

    Oh and Enrai..I can hide behind a computer screen… I code for a cracking crew in my spare time, whilst working for a software house as a my full time career!!! If thats not concealing your ID I dont know what is… The only reason that im not running through a http:proxy at the moment is so that AKH can know that this is a legit Ivor Biggun post…..

    Lets see if SCenrai (and thats its name from now on) can do what the MPAA have failed to do….
    Now onto that next release……
    I wonder if Nailog will give me Enrai’s IP that he used to post at Yoyo….we could have some fun there…

    Oh and after “researching” your mindset Enrai, I believe the myspace site is yours…for two reasons:

    1. You try to offend with more profanty/threats when you are proved wrong.

    2. If it wasnt, someone like you would keep quiet just for the pleasure of seeing an innocent get targetted….

    Enrai, appart from being completely lame…you are probably the most dislikable person I have ever seen posting anywhere…you poor social skills are only matched by your poor spelling, and your inability to be able to grasp how silly you sound to others makes me think there is a good chance of you being SC…I cant decide and really its not important if there’s two lamers posting here or one…its great entertainment and your helping AKH on his way to 30,000 hits….

    To all other readers of this blog, take a wander over to the myspace site….maybe we could contact some of the “friends” on that site…we could maybe suggest they look at the yoyo forums and here….then, if it is Enrai they will know how he is behaving elsewhere and if its not then no harm done….

    Im sure if that myspace site does belong to Enrai, the people posting will be very interested to see the sexual references he makes to minors….

  20. He could be reported to the police. That would make my day 😀

  21. Yes….you see even if SCenrai is using proxies to post, someone with his low-level knowledge would not be aware that a police authority would easily still be able to trace him…

    Enrai, just so you know:

    There are very few, if any completely anon proxies, yeah sure you can use one to log onto a site and if the site bans that IP address you just use another…however, unless you know how to decieve a proxy the proxy itself is going to have a record of where and what you have visited…Now for most sites, they would not be able to request that info from the proxy in question, but with a court order, the police could easily do that…

    There are now international watchdogs to safegaurd minors from the likes of SC/Enrai and they would be more than happy to follow this up, if they believe (as I do) that there is something sinister in the way Enrai and SC or SCenrai post to minors…they would then refer this information to SCenrai’s local police and they could take the matter further…

  22. As has been said many times on this blog before, in regards to having conversations with people age doesnt come into it…. For most of us, we can have sensible conversations and it doesnt matter if the person is 8 or 80….HOWEVER:

    There is a line that cannot be crossed, I take a very firm line against any suggestive language to anyone…you just dont know how old the person is that you are talking to….If my kids had seen some of the stuff thats been posted they would have been very upset…


    I want to say to the thousands of younger readers that dont post, if you have anyone posting ANYTHING to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, report it immediately, to your parents and to the police. Although Enrai has shown that he has no skill in tracking anyone, he has proved one point. Never put any personal details ie age/name/address in your profiles…there are always people like Enrai prowling about and looking at this information… Never post a photo of yourself, and the final point is: NEVER arrange to meet anyone from the Internet in real life…its far too dangerous…

    The great thing about the net is that we can all chat, share software etc…but strange individuals like SC/Enrai must be removed so that it can be a safe environment for everyone…

    So endeth the advice.

  23. Good advice, Ivor.

  24. go ahead report every one you all find.I garanteeeeeeeee it’s not me Dumb ass fucking retards HAHAHAHAHA!!! 🙂

  25. P.S the only ones that will be removed and need to be is ass holes like you all hiding behind screen names and screens.CHEERS

  26. “P.S the only ones that will be removed and need to be is ass holes like you all hiding behind screen names and screens.CHEERS”

    An such is why you’re trying to be an asshole to us. You make no sense, as you’re hiding behind the screen. I gave you my location, phone number, everything so that you could actually come here so it wouldn’t be hiding. Who the hell is the asshole hiding behind the screen name and screen now?

    Oh, and P.S. just saying that it’s not you turns the tables to us thinking it is you. Anyone with any bits of sense would say that is them to take the blame off of themselves. Your ignorance is such bliss…either that, or you have no brain. one or the other.

  27. Enrai, I dont know if youre trying to retract what you posted before, but the fact is, YOU DID post suggestive text to minors…Now if you would like to appologise for that, we would be willing to hear it here. If not, we can let others read this blog and see what they make of it…..

    The choice is yours…

    BTW, why havent you tracked my details you lamer???

    LOL….You need to grow up SCenrai. All this bitterness stems from the fact that you made some bad software with GM…Get over it…and for Gods sake, act your age (whatever that may be)

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