Enrai’s Stalking Continues

April 17, 2008 at 16:04 | Posted in Everything | 15 Comments
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Or at least, Enrai’s claim to be a stalker continues. >_> Not something you’d see many people making up, to say the least.

Enrai wrote:

“I might walk up to you in a mall your favorite movie club ect…sit or stand right next to you gather info and no one would ever know who I am.Tell you little pee-ons what find somthing on me and I will give you a cookie.Otherwise seems My time here is over be seeing you all.”

it should be obvious that he’s making this up, this is the internet, were he to truly come up to us in real life, it would cost him thousands of dollars in Plane Flights. The average person, regardless of country, wouldn’t be able to afford that, let alone some 32-year-old [as he claims] with an obvious lack of intelligience [No one as stupid as Enrai could get a well-paid job].

Anyway, in his usual style of failing to persuade even the most gullible of people *looks at mrsmes* Enrai has posted some “information” on people. Most of this is wrong or publically available – things such as the YoYo Games HQ address [which he put as Sandy’s] are available through WHOIS, and Mark Overmar’s Utrecht University Page gives his address.

Enrai wrote:

firstname: Sandy
lastname: Duncan
street1: Dunbridge Road
street2: Lockerley
pcode: SO51 0JH
city: Romsey
IP Address:

Carl Gustafsson
IP Address:
Jamjo, 37300

IP Address:
Fax: +1.4256960234
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
Bellevue, WA 98007

Name…. Martin Crownover
P O Box 99800
IP Address:

mark overmars
M.H. Overmars
Prof. Dr. Magnuslaan 6
IP Address:

P.O. Box 821650
Vancouver, WA 98682
IP Address:

ryguydavis who uses only exists becuse of mommy
Davis, Rebecca
Kolonistenweg 11
IP Address:

Kristi Noel
3601 McLaughlin Dr.
Lincoln, NE 68516
IP Address:

Erik Hermansen
222 N 101 ST
Phone: (206)706-5684
IP Address:

Rick Olson
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
(480) 624-2599
IP Address:

Tom Hallam

weird drogon
Name: Rowland Barkley
Address : Metliska cesta 7
City: Semic
Zip: 01222-010
Country: SI
IP Address:″

Also note, as pointed out by a somewhat new-to-this-blog person who remains anonymous, all I.P. Addresses Enrai gave are those of that person’s site, which you can get from a PING. They are not that person’s I.P. Address.

anon wrote:

“still not amazed

i’m too tired to fact check everything, but i know a fun little fact: you’re full of bullshit, and most, if not all of this information is incorrect or randomly invented.

as for the ‘real addresses’, rithiur doesn’t live in where-ever the fuck your list thinks he does.

to prove my point further, it seems like that all the ip addresses in your list are actually the ip’s of their website hosts; not home connections. fucking moron.

(ping ’site.chronic667.com’:

clap clap clap, you fucking idiot.”

*AKH approves of the swearing*

Also, somewhat expectedly, Enrai reposted various GMC profiles, and also posted something from mrsmes’ blog that mentions me. Something I’ve probably linked to from here in the past. >_>

To read Enrai’s in-no-way scary comments, visit yesterday’s post.



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  1. “O_O *le gasp* Really? T_T And you didn’t tell me? Why? That was like torture lol. I could have flamed the guy a lot better with a few posts if I knew you allowed swearing on your blog.”

    I thought it would be obvious with this centering around arguments, and me not censoring any of SC’s posts. 😀 if you look back through this blog, I’ve had some real bad-mouthed enemies in the past. ^__^

  2. 😀 Look out for Nekru. Not only is he stupid, but he can’t go for two sentences without swearing.

  3. “*AKH approves of the swearing*”
    O_O *le gasp* Really? T_T And you didn’t tell me? Why? That was like torture lol. 😉 I could have flamed the guy a lot better with a few posts if I knew you allowed swearing on your blog. 8D That’s why I really didn’t post yesterday(other than those comments on the mod blog, where Enrai didn’t post, so I couldn’t flame :D). >D So happy I can nows swear *hugs AKH*.

    Though, I must give some brownie points to the guy. 😛 He has enough gull to actually say that we’re children when yet, we’re acting more mature than he is. Also, he’s thinking that we have to prove ourselves to him.

    Blek, he’s a through and through moron *spats on Enrai* (spit, whatever you guys call it XD. I know it as spat.) 😉 He’s as low as dirt anyways, if not lower. *mean*

  4. 8D *has not noticed* I haven’t started reading your YoYo games and the GMC blogs until I dunno two weeks ago? ^_^ I sort of noticed in your quotes of the week, but half of that stuff I couldn’t understand anyways -_-(I can’t understand super unintelligent idiot speak). And I will look through your blog. 😉 I want to see all of this, it sounds laughable.

  5. I still make insulting comments on his milestone comic. 😀

  6. This is Nekru’s comic


    He makes that comic and you can get an example of how mentally retarded Nekru is.

  7. “how mentally retarded Nekru is.”
    -_- I could draw better than that at 5 years old…and I didn’t understand a darned thing from that comic really XD. ^^ Thanks for the link…I think *dies*.

    To AKH: -_- I read the first few blogs that you did about him, and then I gave up. It’s all going to be the same stupidity from him ^^. Nekru=Donkey Rapping Shit-Eater.

  8. That website is unlike here, They have to be approved by him so to be shown so we can’t see what funny messages you posted on his blog/comic, I am pretty sure he will not allow them(He would be stupid if he does lol)

    Shit, I am getting that I am posting too fast altough I don’t spam, Is it because I am using firefox or did wordpress automatically built a security function in itself?

  9. I got it 5 times >_< It’s so annoying but all in all it’s there for the better to keep away spammers.

  10. [quote]you’re a big-headed with no real friends, just people
    who take advantage of you. The only way you can keep your so-called “Friends”
    (most of which don’t actually know you) is by doing whatever they say without
    question and rating their games 6/6 even if they are a complete load of
    , which most of the time they are.
    You’re the one who should shut up here, your actions have offended many people
    I’m sure, and if you keep it up, one day all these “friends” of yours will come
    to their senses and give you the finger.[/quote]

  11. What are you quoting? Your description? Lol, Enrai got owned sooo bad.

  12. when is some one who knows him push him off a hill or some thing?

  13. Enrai, am I supposed to be impressed by you reading through my blog and pasting things I wrote a few months back? Thanks for the hits, but next time don’t bother.

  14. Oh the idiot is back.

  15. […] Today he determinedly failed to find information on me that I didn’t want people to know. But first, let’s warm things up with his humiliating attempt to become an influential part of the discussion [about Nekru] on yesterday’s post. […]

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