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April 16, 2008 at 16:08 | Posted in Everything | 1 Comment
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Well, today appears to be the day where everything settles down on YoYo. A hush … but for how long? For my sakes, I hope this doesn’t last, otherwise I won’t have anything to write about. >.<

tigerdude1993 is still away due to his unusual circumstances [not surprisingly since he announced his temporary leave yesterday], Enrai is still here, repeating himself it would seem, like some sort of 5 year old who just found out how to copy and paste things on his computer, and mrsmes doesn’t seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary [for him] – he’s silently denying that his game is too CPU-intensive and doesn’t work, all the time saying me and LavaBall rated it 1/6 out of spite – which is only 50% true because it was only LavaBall [XD], and somewhat unexpectedly he found out the truth about his 5D theory (or as he puts it, pheory):

mrsmes wrote:

“it’s so simple just simply go to youtube(www.youtube.com) and then search for 5d
i did it and apparently 5d is real, but actually has to do with the space and
time continum but i read in a magazine at the library once that hollographic
images can be beamed out of a screen just like my mad pheories had suggested and
apparently it is currently only available for such technology for televisions
currently but in say 5 or 10 years we could be seeing the first holographic game
of pacman coming out of a computer screen, sweet huh?”

Well, at least he admitted his theories were mad. >_>

I suppose to fill space I’ll explain [yet again, although this time not to mrsmes] what the fifth dimension actually is. The first 3 dimensions are physical – height, width, and depth. The fourth dimension is time, and if what I remember is correct, the fifth dimension is time and possibilities (the various outcomes that could come from a choice someone makes, for example) ultimately leading on to the final dimension (the tenth I believe) which encompasses all possible universes (which is a lot). I think [although I’m not completely certain] that dimensions above the fourth cannot be measured, due to obvious reasons.

And today, we finish with an insight into the household of the smes:

mrsmes wrote:

“stuck inside a faulty microwave, of course my little sister(not
mentioning any names for privacy) was taking a bath and the microwave fell in
and electricuted her when she stuck a fork in it and twisted it and it was
turned on and some how she survived the shock i guess it was pure luck.”


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  1. Wow, who knew my comment would make some people think I left permanently…I thought I wouldn’t be on for months, because I was grounded. Good thing I begged 😉 .

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