Enrai: SC’s new Spammer Account?

April 13, 2008 at 09:20 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments
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Thanks to LavaBall, I’ve found what could be a hungry-to-spam SatanChild666, unwilling to use his his current [and by that I mean third] account to do so.

The new suspect account is called Enrai, with Jesus as his Avatar, a claim to be 32 years old, the mentioning of war, bad spelling [“Reapent” being a clear example], and near-impossible-to-understand posts, if this is SC, he’s not doing a great job of covering himself.

The Key action that’s still going on can be found in this forum topic, where it would appear that Enrai has been downrating people’s games seemingly for no reason … since only 2 people have downrated his. He also doesn’t seem to recognise Nailog’s Power on YoYo, what with him titling the topic “Nailog is Lying”.

Now, A few minutes after writing the above paragraphs I thought I’d invite Enrai over here so we can get an official answer on whether or not he actually is SC:

“Bad Spelling, a Religious Avatar, pretending to be older/responsible, yet at the same time having an obsession with war … Enrai is just screaming “I’m SC”.

Prove you’re not SC, come over to my blog, post a comment. I’ll be able to tell from your I.P. Address. Ignoring or turning down this invite is proof you are SC after all.”

After a display of obvious internet n00bishness and failure to understand this blog’s simple structure, Enrai finally posted a comment on today’s PP News Post.

I compared the I.P. Address with those of SC, and did a minor WHOIS …

“Well, Enrai has a different I.P. Address to SC on his recent rampage of idiocy, SC’s used proxies in the past but none of the I.P. Addresses were the same as Enrai then either.

I think who we have here isn’t SC, but someone of Equal Stupidity, Personality and Speaking Style. >_> A rare coincidence?

I did a little whois lookup too and it doesn’t look to me like a proxy at all. This isn’t SC. :O

Allow me to repeat myself; this isn’t SC.

Looks like tomorrow we might have a new Lamer to run rings around 😉 I’ll make sure to let you know where this leads! 😀



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  1. Ha, its a new lamer. I gotta see this guy on yoyo.

  2. its really pathetic how he was acting, i can’t wait till he gets banned.

  3. Do not worry I have all of you guys info too 🙂
    Be very afraid

  4. this is for you akh or should I say ADAM 🙂

  5. mellville huh nice to know HMM

  6. Tell me more about my eyes.:)

  7. Enrai, I am currently working on your knowledge bank, I will find out all of your information and make you cower in fear. That’s right 😀 . And if you don’t believe my almighty information skillz, read the Heartagram123 Knowledge Bank, right here on this blog. I made it.

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