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April 12, 2008 at 08:56 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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Well, it’s come to my attention that me and tigerdude’s views on LavaBall and Tapika’s argument are very different. >.< I’m going to stay out of it from now on, although I couldn’t deny LavaBall the spam program and gave it to him last night.

Luckily it would appear that LavaBall is releasing more of his rage on mrsmes …

LavaBall wrote:

“1/6 Without playing since it’s a smes game >:D 

Every game you release I will automatically rate it a 1 smessy, So just give up.”

And what is this game he speaks of? Why, it’s mrsmes’ newest disaster, HYPER GEM $MA$H !

From the screenshots, it looks basic, and as if it doesn’t actually work o.O I tried to test it and it presented me with the “Unexpected error occured while running the game” message, meaning it’s too CPU-intensive to run, probably because of oversized images or sound files. This probably explains why mrsmes’ games are so slow – he doesn’t know when to stop adding pointless objects, images, sounds and particles, which means the game can’t process all the code for each step fast enough, so the max fps would be something like 10 or 15. XD [30-60 is the average among GM Games]

Anyway, if he takes my advice and I ever get to play this, I’ll let you know, but for now, I recommend seeing if you can play the game that mrsmes describes as “one hell of a arcade game, click on formations until you can’t smash any gems no more, it’ll have your brain ticking like a clock, i made it all by myself ever so simply within half an hour without any code, & now it’s wicked, it’s HYPER $MA$H and it’s wicked to the core with gem busting and breaking fun and improving every day.”

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  1. LavaBall wouldn’t go as crazy as I do 😉 he’ll be fine with it, if he were really going to spam Tapika with thousands of PMs he would’ve asked for the spam program back when he was arguing with mrsmes or spriter12.

  2. “although I couldn’t deny LavaBall the spam program and gave it to him last night.”

    thats fine, lavaball probably wont spam him that much. too bad that I told Tapika I would back him up in this argument…

  3. And you should, Now that lava got the spamming tool you won’t know what he would do with it, I bet he already spammed Tapika(Obviously)And he could go crazy with the program and exaggerates.

  4. Well on that part you’re right, He had a perfect opportunity to ask you when he had an argument with those 2.

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