ihatepenguins VS everyone else

April 4, 2008 at 18:49 | Posted in Everything | 10 Comments
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As Friday draws to a close [Yay Weekend!] the courageous ihatepenguins doesn’t seem to have many friends left in this time of need – except for his English-Speaking friend who helps him write his PMs to me, that is.

But I’m not talking spam PMs [speaking of which, IHP’s computer is running too slowly to send any right now 😉 ] – I’m talking about real discussion – discussion that IHP didn’t want you to see – so you can guess what comes next.

A Note to anyone that hates me – don’t publicise or tell me anything you don’t want known – that’s simple common sense.

Here it comes! …

ihatepenguins wrote [in response to my 3000 spam]:

“this really affects me, not. AKH, I think you are mental. In fact, i think you are attracted to mrsmes(seriously dude, you love posting to him, if you don’t, you cry about it at your home), and you know what else, you are just one of those dorks who thinks they are cool on the net. but when it comes down to it, you and tigerdude are dorks. and now, with no regrets, here comes MY spam to you! you will be punished. you will suffer. you are now my enemy. prepare for war, AKH. don’t worry, I know how to get tiger and turbo on my side, along with mrsmes, heartagram123, sonicguy1234, ih8p, tomo, maybe even my good friend GMONEY. its over for you, im sending 3000 messages straight back to you!
guess what? i made this without any SPELLING errors. hard for you to comprehend? duh, duh, I am a man named Adam hinder! What a loser!
banishedverymuchedakh. i hat u since first seen. i shall get you now, if thats not eplained wells enough. i wont standd for this misbahevour and this hate talk, so heres 3000 to you. and btw, my best friend is over helping me with the spam program. hes is good at it and helped em type this mesages so now i win right.”

So let’s start a list of people that are supposed to be on his side …









My Reconstructed Response (I can’t access my 267 pages of Sent Items in YoYo’s current “oh noes Proxy Errorz” state):

“”duh, duh, I am a man named Adam hinder! What a loser!” would only make sense if it ended in “What a loser I am” or something like that. You fail at insulting.

And as for the comment about mrsmes, go fuck an ant. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble.

You can’t stand being owned, can you? HA HA HA 😀

Next time, say what you have to say to me on YoYo, in public. You had the guts to spam me, you’ll have the guts for that

Lastly, you won’t get tigerdude or TurboX on your side, they like me more than you. mrsmes, sonicguy1234 and ih8penguins are retards (and I have reason to believe one of them is you!) and Heartagram123 doesn’t care.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“obviously, you didn’t understand the joke. “duh, duh, I am a man named Adam hinder! (seperately saying this to you) What a loser!”
as for you, i shall punish you with spam later on, my computer obviously wont work with the obviously 99 PMs. and if tiger says i am at his school, dont believe him. its a lie. thanks.
you dont even know why mrsmes is the way he is. he is MENTALLY RETARDED. he cant help it. so shut your freaking mouth and figure out what you need to improve with yourself, not what you need to improve on others. btw, this is just a fake profile on the comments page. im really not that stupid…you can ask tiger. but you better not. or i will send you to spam heaven(if my computer actually works). and ive read your blog, it seems im getting popular! thanks for the awesome topic buddy! I am glad to know im the first to fight back.
as for the “Next time, say what you have to say to me on YoYo, in public. You had the guts to spam me, you’ll have the guts for that” i will. but i cant right now, or my cover is blown. if you want nothing but the truth, my name’s Matt Richards. Its my fake name, but I am sure tiger will know what it means.
as for “You can’t stand being owned, can you? HA HA HA 😀 “, i can obviously tell that you have either had bad experiences getting made fun of at social aspects of your life in the real world, or your abused. you have no self esteem.
if i find this on your blog, so help me god i will hack into your website and destroy it.
i know you wont be mature about this, as in this: “as for the comment about mrsmes, go fuck an ant. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble.””

Again, another reconstructed response from me:

“I understood the joke, I was making a point that it’s grammatically incorrect and technically it doesn’t make sense.

And I sent you 990 PMs, not 99. You should have just under 4000 PMs if you still have the product of yesterday’s attack 😉

We (and by “we” I mean everyone who has ever spammed or argued with mrsmes) didn’t realise the extent of mrsmes’ retardation, a lot of us thought he was a prankster, trying to cause trouble, and that is how we acted the way we did.

“as for “You can’t stand being owned, can you? HA HA HA 😀 “, i can obviously tell that you have either had bad experiences getting made fun of at social aspects of your life in the real world, or your abused. you have no self esteem.”

I was making the point that you had to resort to childish arguing (the mrsmes comment) I can see now you’re just denying it, rather like Nekru.

“i know you wont be mature about this, as in this: “as for the comment about mrsmes, go fuck an ant. I’m sure you’ll have no trouble.””

I find when I’m arguing with an immature person, if I act immaturely to show them the stupidity of what they’re doing, they say that I am being the immature one and claim that they are maturer. The average reader (and I hope you, you’re not completely stupid) can see I am the intellectual superior, yet my opponent fails to understand what I’m doing and will continue making their idiotic claim.

Don’t turn our argument into something like the one between me and Nekru, with you childishly denying my accusations without proof and me destroying all your blatantly fictitious allegations. Not only is that type of argument easy to win, I’ve got experience. 😀

Finally, good luck hacking WordPress.com … I’m going to post every word of this on my blog!”

Anyways … Matt Richards – a fake name, as he puts it, but look further into this post and you’ll see that I easily found proof that it’s his real name, not a fake. He was lying to me 😉

Things haven’t just been happening over PM, you know 😀 interesting conversation broke out on ihatepenguins’ profile page too! The stupidity flowing from under his green YoYo account name astounds me sometimes 😀 Check this out, it’s worthy of addition to the Quotes of the Week page 😉

I wrote:

“And one last thing, he added in those messages that he sent them because I spammed mrsmes 😉

That defense there is a little late, don’t you think? ^__^

ihatepenguins wrote:

“no no its anot i think we know the real loser here and ythats akh- i said to make tit 300 and it only sent 99, the software ic srap for my computttter.”

[I know the real reason why iMacros isn’t working properly for him 😉 – his scripts are obviously missing a (somehwat required) line of what must be manually-added code allowing them to continue after a certain amount of plays, of course he reads this, so I’m not going to mention what that line is here 🙂 ]

ihatepenguins continued:

“tubox, u and cowmoo need to leave me progfile, im tired of you now, i thought we was fwends.wait is it cowmoo or mrmoo please tlel me i forgot”

[he means MiNGmOO by the way]

TurboX wrote:

“MiNGmOO hasnt been on in 2 weeks, what are you on about?And are you that dumb you can’t remember a simple name”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“no im not dumbed as you thinks.bravo, tiger! i do know you, i cant believe you actually figured it out, what with your small athletic mind. i can now tell your friends that you play on this nerd site. you will lose your popularity. oh the glory of this all! i cant wait for school tomorrow! ha, your end is near.”

[proof that he does go to the same school as tigerdude]

TurboX wrote:

“Bet your scared now”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“a little, what if someone was coming to your house to possibly kill you?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“had you scared, right? im seriously going to beat you up tomorrow. im done with you on this website. you cant fix any of this matt, i wont respond to you anymore, thanks for all the help, TurboX.”

[fight, fight, fight … oops, I mean, proof that Matt Richards is his real name]

Heartagram123 wrote:

“tiger is ihatepenguins fat or is he dork
i hate him so much he called me a douche for no reason and he is so cheeky to everyone.
ihatepenguins YOU SUCK
everyone who hates ihatepenguins
i solute you.

ihatepenguins you might aswell leave the site because everyone hates you”

Now finally, let us return to our list of people he thinks he can turn against me 😉

tigerdude1993 [obviously]

TurboX [again, obviously 😉 ]

mrsmes [in case you haven’t read my profile, mrsmes told IHP to “can it pork chops”]

Heartagram123 [looks like Heartagram won’t side with someone against him this time]

sonicguy1234 [with Heartagram123 out of it, sonicguy1234 will follow]

ih8penguins [conveniently not online – although it’s obvious IHP and IH8P are the same person, it was even admitted]

tomo [a nowhere-to-be-seen n00b]

GMONEY [ignorance is bliss. GMONEY is in the equivalent of heaven]

As you can see, ihatepenguins is all alone and fighting many opponents he should’ve thought twice about insulting in the past. 😀

On an interesting last note … first IHP sounded like mrsmes, but today he’s sounding and acting like the half-drunken and lying SatanChild666. He’s officially a fusion of YoYo’s 2 biggest lamers. XD

I’m glad I could finally get this albeit shabby-in-places post out to you. if I can access my Sent Items soon, I’ll make sure to replace my posts up there with what I actually wrote, for now you’ll have to do with a mildly inaccurate replica … it’s a little brief compared to the original in some places too. 😐 Still, at least I got everything point I made to IHP in there.

Well, Good Night I suppose! 😀 Ha ha. Enjoy this, today’s third post. 😉




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  1. 8D He needs someone to help him type? That’s sad. Hey tiger, if he needs someone to help him type on his computer, does he need someone to help him write things down at school? He seems like the slow type ;).

    ^^ This is getting so humorous now. I know I’m not registered on YoYo, but with all that you blog about it AKH, it’s so easy to follow all of this. 8D Sounds like there’s too many idiots for the mods to handle over there. >_> Where’s the justice in that place? Lol.

    To ihatepenguins: I know you’re reading this so…if tigerdude really is an athlete, and one of the awesome people at his school, why would you even tell people that he’s on this website? Your thinking is horrible. Instead of laughing at tiger(like you’re hoping will happen), people will probably all visit this blog instead. They’ll find out how incompetent you are, and laugh at you until graduation(and then some). 😉 The teachers might also label you “special”. Oh well, just my thoughts to you. ^_^ Think about it.


    ^_^ And goodnight AKH. Though, it’s still morning for me LOL.

  2. thanks firefall, ive got to tell you that this guy is a dork and his real name is Matt Richards. i beat him up in the bathroom today and got ISS for 5 days. what happened to him? I walked up to him and five of his “gang” members(nerds, of course 😉 ) and the retard challenged me (why didnt he just punch me instead of saying “I challenge you to a fight!”?). i got the first punch, i made him almost throw up. then he missed with a sissy kick. then i gave him TWO black eyes and flipped him. then i made sure he had a bloody nose. the other possy(pussy 😉 ) members ran off and told the teachers, they rushed in and got me, but not soon enough before i punched him one last time in the stomach. matt was crying for his mom(seriously yelling out “MOMMY!”). after this my friends were laughing and asked me why i did that. i said “He is a douche.”. and of course they believed me over him, before he left he tried to say this to my friends: “Tigerdude1993 is his yoyogames name. he loves to make dorky sonic games on it and hes nerdier than me.” no one cared, hes a douche, like ive been saying. no one knows about this yoyogames website, im still cooler than ever, and matt is STILL a douche. and if anyone cares about getting to know this matt richards, go to http://tigerdude1993.wordpress.com/ to get all the info about him. theirs some cool and embarrassing facts about him, you all will love this.

  3. and AKH, he is actually very good at spelling, not grammar. he was lying and trying to hide his real personality, which failed to hide his lying nature. thats how i figured out it was him.

  4. sorry, i wasnt logged in when i posted my comments. those two anonymous comments are mine.

  5. ^_^ You are such a mean boy lol. 😉 Not really, the kid deserved it for being an ass and threatening like that…^_^ And you’re very much welcome tiger. Hmm…Matt Richards…that name sounds familiar. >_> I don’t think I live near you guys, but where do you live ^^? I might be somewhere…just somewhere half close lol. 8D That’s quite the way to challenge someone to a fight too. >_< I’m actually surprised he didn’t get his friend to say that to you. LOL With his personality, I wouldn’t have put it past him ;).

  6. Ihatepenguins, what a loser, Its a shame he never started on me or MiNGmOO, we would of owned him like we did with heartagram.

  7. TurboX: Too bad MiNGmOO left, he would’ve had fun messing with him! I know, he’s such a loser, right 😀 ?

    Firefall: Sorry, but I am not allowed to reveal my location, other than I am in The US(America). I can’t believe he actually said I want to challenge you, I get into fights by throwing punches 😉 ! He should be gone, but obviously, since he is still on yoyo, he wants another beating when I get out of ISS 😀 .

  8. ^_^ Lol, ok, it’s alright. 😉 Though, if he’s nicknamed Mental Matt(yes, that’s right, I NAME HIM MENTAL MATT! Bwahaha!) by the middle class group of your school, I might be somewhere in your school lol. ^^ He’s still at YoYo? Oh goody goody(is going to go register). 😉 Maybe next time you beat him you’ll knock a few brain cells into him, as it doesn’t seem like you did this time. ^_^ Just make sure he doesn’t charge you with anything k? >_< If you get into too many fights with him, he might T_T. Well, that’s if you start hurting him without him starting it 😉 and it seems that won’t start happening soon LOL.

  9. Your posts are too long.

  10. I edited the names on your posts tigerdude. 😀

    is he lying on his YoYo profile where he says he’s 16?

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