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in a late Defense of mrsmes, ihatepenguins (not ih8penguins) has been the first person ever to have the courage to spam me back – I’ll commend him on that, while I send him 10 PMs for every one of his. 😀

And that’s on top of the initial 3000+ I sent yesterday. 😉

This all started with him threatening to spam tigerdude1993 with 2000 messages and me with 100 [although he said I deserved 1000 😉 ]. I hadn’t recieved a single message off him but tigerdude had (today I found out he only got 130) and so, I set out to do some owning. I added together the amounts IHP said we deserved (3000) and I sent them.

To explain today and yesterday’s words in wonderful detail, I present you for the first time in a while with our usual style of quotes: 🙂

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i know, IHP has a history you can read about at my blog!


ihatepenguins wrote:

“oh tigerdude1993 thats it for the betrayment i shal punish thee with 200 spam messages with AKH’s dumb little program iMacros(thats right, mrsmes can now use it so download it mrsmes to get AKH) and i found out the code junk so i can spam tigerdude now with 2000 messages.heres the deal i must also punish AKH for embarasing me. i will not hide like mrsmes, i shall destroy. no one gets away with hurting me or my friends. AKH you desrve 1000, but ill go easy with 100. as for mr tiger, he shall get 2000.”

[I don’t think he’s worked out how to use iMacros yet]

TurboX wrote:

“Thats lovely……..”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“IHP do not take this any farther, I do not want spam in my inbox, and I don’t recall doing anything to you lately.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“you just did you loser! rigtt heere:

i know, IHP has a history you can read about at my blog!”

TurboX wrote:

“Don’t worry if he does, well you know what to do.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“dont woorry if he does well he should dont worry your an allie turbox hes the evildoeer and must die.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“um, what will you do, send a missile to america again XD”

TurboX wrote:

“Ummm I am not you ally IHP, sorry but you did start this.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks for the support TurboX, this stuff is getting rough…

im geting spammed as we speak. and according to IHP, AKH is next…

AKH, you need to PM me if he spams you too. We can join forces and…I can’t say, or he will get angry 😀 .”

TurboX wrote:

“Come stop this Ihatepenguins, your acting like a child.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“its over, tiger has been punished, next in line, AKH.

its over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKHits over for tiger and AKH”

TurboX wrote:

“Ok, well your pathertic”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“please dont make me spam you to, please turbox. i want tp try and be nice to you becase you havent done nothing to me im not a noob lpelase stop. tigerdude1993 is covcered in sores, so is akh , and if they spam em bakc i will get them bannnedishedvery.”

I wrote:

“ihatepenguins is supposed to have spammed me.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. My inbox is EMPTY.

Simply for trying to spam me, I’m going to punish you IHP. I’ve got 3000 messages coming your way.


as for IHP’s “if they spam em bakc i will get them bannnedishedvery” comment, I think you were trying to say if we spam you you’ll get us banned, right?

Don’t make me laugh. No one will get banned from YoYo. Sometimes I even wonder if YoYo CAN ban people.

if we were at risk of being banned, SatanChild666 wouldn’t have his twice-forum-spamming account(s) here.

I keep using SC as an example, I know, but people keep saying they’ll get me banned. XD

My spam script is well underway, a good 400 PMs sent already, ihatepenguins claims I deserve 1000 spam PMs [although he only wanted to send me 100] and he claims tigerdude1993 deserves 2000. Add these two together, ihatepenguins deserves 3000, the total amount he thinks others should be sent, and that is what he’s getting now. 😉

ihatepenguins, I’ve never had much against you, but no one gets away with threatening me.

As I post this, the current message count is 432 😀

OK, 1500 messages sent now 😉

1500 to go. 😀 “

mrsmes wrote:

“Woah, Woah, time out every calm down can’t we just get this out of the way and start over a new leaf and begin a fresh we need to stop fighting if we all here expect to get any where.”

I wrote:

“it’s kind of too late to say “let’s calm down” since I recently sent ihatepenguins his 2000th spam PM. 😀

I log on to YoYo to find I’ve been brought into an argument with ihatepenguins, without knowing it. He claims to have spammed tigerdude, which is enough for me to spam him back, let alone his threatening to spam me.

And I assume they were just threats … that or he doesn’t know how to spam, even with a simple program provided.

I don’t think even HE is that stupid.


IHP has now officially been owned. 3000 PMs sent.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“oh my god, you idiot! you only sent me 130, and, according to AKH, you didn’t even spam him. 😀 I am so glad you are finally getting spammed! God this is getting better each argument! I can delete 100, but can you possibly delete 3000 😀 ?!?!?!PWNAGE!

AKH, if he actually spams you, what do you think the consequences will be? I can’t wait to see it! Haha we can own IHP.”

TurboX wrote:

“I guess we can all safely say that you jave been owned.I guess he’s having fun deleting 3000 messages”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“yeah, im estimating 9 hours of straight up deletion, based on my spam from ihp.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“haha guess what akh im sending you now, 3000 messages for my revenge, guess what ill get revenge”

TurboX wrote:

“someone shut this guy up”

I wrote:

“He talks big, but I’ve only got 99 messages here! 😀 He’s gonna get 10 times that back, btw – 990.

Enjoy them, IHP!

And one last thing, he added in those messages that he sent them because I spammed mrsmes 😉

That defense there is a little late, don’t you think? ^__^”

And that ends around 9 pages worth of quotes. 😀 Now, as the last of my 990 messages goes off, I’ll update you on the GMBed news. TGMG made a comment on yesterday’s post and added it to his forum post about GMBed over at the G-Java forums, where it appears Evilish has made some tweaks to the GMBed .gm6/.gmk file, it detects if it’s being run in a browser, and positions itself in the center of an iframe now! 😀


GMBed is living on outside the GMC very nicely. 🙂



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  1. thanks for spamming him, I didn’t want to break my promise to my friends that I wouldn’t spam anymore on that weirdo.

  2. i meant

    “thanks for spamming him, I didn’t want to break my promise to my friends that I wouldn’t spam anymore because of that weirdo.”

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