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April 1, 2008 at 08:52 | Posted in Everything | 3 Comments
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Look, this blog is primarily about YoYo, we’ve got sidetracked with arguments throughout the past few months, but now I have some VERY exciting news for all Game Maker users, and that ranks higher than who mrsmes is failing to insult. 😉

The Day has finally arrived, Game Maker Games (Version 6 and 7) can now be embedded into browser windows as Java Applets.

Well sort of.

TGMG’s Controversial yet now Fully Legal 2-day project GMBed Downloads and runs the game on your system, but runs it inside a Java window in your web browser. GMBed 1.0 was released Yesterday at ½ past 9 PM, GMT.

I tried it out this morning (didn’t have time last night) and it works near-perfectly. I present to you, Twaz Version!

it runs the same as the normal GM7-version would, but in a web browser. I hosted it on, and it’s 4.5 MB, so it takes a little while to load at first (for me, an unfortunate 4 minutes) but after that, it takes no more than a second on any plays afterward. 😀

Note: a faster link has been posted in the comments section, along with instructions on how to use willhostforfood and GMBed together.

And now, instead of presenting you with Quotes or an explanation, for the first time in a while I feel it’s best to describe the multidude of information surrounding this somewhat revolutionary creation through a list of links. 🙂

TGMG’s Release Topic on the G-Java Boards

TGMG’s GMC Topic’s Post by gamez93



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  1. I added Twaz to the blogroll, along with AKH T3NNiS Java Edition, which I’ve spent this morning adding lighting to. >_>

  2. Note: at the time of posting TGMG hadn’t recommended as a host for your games so I used my sitesled account. ^__^

    Instructions on Using WillHostForFood

    You can use the anonymous upload on willhostforfood, then go to the download page and copy the download link (the one that says “Download” in big letters) through Right Click > Copy shortcut. then paste it in as the link part of the used URL.

    As an alternative to linking to an empty (yet customizable) page, you can also embed the applet on your own site, here’s a how to:

    1. To use the applet, all you need is an <applet> tag. You must first identify g-java’s applet in your applet tag … use the following code:

    <applet code=’gmembed.Main.class’ archive=’’

    2. After this, configure any parameters you need (within the current applet tag), e.g.

    width=600 height=400 link=’′ [this is the link to the zip file your game is hosted in, if you’re using willhostforfood make sure you link to dl.php not access.php, if you’re using another host, you will probably have to link to the zip file itself – e.g. ‘’] exe=akhtje.exe [this is the name of your game’s exe file, from within the zip]

    3. Finally, close the tag. I don’t know if the gm7plugin is parameter is required, or if it has a use, but if your game is GM7-made, go for it.

    e.g. gm7plugin=false>

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