Goodbye plasticbutterknife?

March 31, 2008 at 07:50 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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it’s getting to be a problem, this. People are just suddenly giving away all their adoptables and leaving PokePlushies 😦 . First it was Disturbed [although Disturbed still seems to be here] then it was Sapp, and now, with ~210 posts, plasticbutterknife has chosen to leave PP [o.O]. The topic, with an incomplete giveaway [so this time my post isn’t too late] can be found at …

in other news, Yoshi made a topic yesterday with 8 different dinomon eggs, one for each of the mods, and started earning credits for them at the click exchange. it started out all like “What Dinomon are the mods gonna be?” but now it’s pretty obvious that if they’re not rare, they’ll all be crimson. >_> Currently, TERA-Firefall is the only hatched egg, with TERA-Yoshi not far behind.



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  1. “T_T Who says moi will be crimson? >D I should be orange lol. >_> Hopefully…”


    Maybe, if you’re quick.

  2. T_T Who says moi will be crimson? >D I should be orange lol. >_> Hopefully…

    Yeah, I don’t understand everyone leaving either…well, at least not pbk…never thought they would leave T_T.

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