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March 31, 2008 at 08:36 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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Well, although I haven’t written about it, [I have known about it though] the GMC has been undergoing several changes, the 2 most recent being a doubling in PM inbox size (so you can now store 100 PMs instead of 50) and yesterday, the changing of the Game Design forum, to a Game Ideas forum, and the addition of a “Games in General” forum. The forum changes were, as some people may look at it from, giving in to rule breakers, but I see it differently, the excessive amount of rule breaking showed a great need for this kind of change. And it saves the [unpaid] GMC mods some time too.

So far there is little hint of what the next change at the GMC is, but Sandy Duncan has been interviewed by ThatVideoGameBlog, and in this he gave the interesting details of how YoYo Games was born, but more importantly, where YoYo plan to go Next.

I recommend reading the best post on GameMakerBlog in a while, containing the whole interview; Click here for the post [written by Phil Gamble].

And continuing on a YoYo/GMC related note [there aren’t any big arguments on YoYo for me to write about instead] …

Since the dawn of GM, Many have set out to conquer it’s greatest flaw, and Many have failed, but it looks like TGMG is soon to become the Neil Armstrong of the GM world, the first man to embed a GM game on the Web. XD

TGMG does seem to have made a near-working GM-Java converter, it still has some problems with it’s look, and with loading; I had to let it load and then refresh the page to play, but maybe it’s just because I’m using AOL … for me Java didn’t install well on AOL or IE … however I do see others having this sort of problem in the topic. Anyways, I think soon this may just become as essential as Mark’s GM6 to GM7 EXE Converter 😉 Click here to Check out what could be the most important GMC topic of the year.



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  1. Ha, Ha your talking to yourself that’s the first sign of madness, AKH.

  2. Let me guess … Dmoc? Communist Russia here for another go?

    Until you can put a name to your words … and more importantly say something that makes sense … you’re just going to be seen as another dimwitted Nekru supporter, with little idea of what they’re talking about or the humiliation they’re setting themselves up for.

    But if you want to stick around anonymously, then fine, I don’t mind you wasting your time to get me more hits.

    Tell us who you are or what you say will be ignored.

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