Counter Intelligience: A Description of mrsmes?

March 25, 2008 at 09:59 | Posted in Everything | 21 Comments
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Well, yes. 😀 But it’s also his newest planned game. The chances of us ever seeing this are slim though, assuming the 30+ other games he’s told us he’s been working on in the past are actually real, although knowing mrsmes, they’re probably just empty GM files. 😉 Most of this was said yesterday, but I feel it deserves quoting, so here we go:

ihatepenguins wrote:

“well i think i will try and befriend this mrsmes for the good of yoyogames, show a little kindness and you will go far. i will help him with his struggles and make him a better person, like me.”

LavaBall wrote:

“Stop trying to convince me, I’d rather be enemies with smes and the like and find other forums and lie about mrsmes to make more people hate him(Which I started doing recently)Other then being friends.”


“How did Gates humiliate u
(if u dont want to say its fine too, im just curios)”


mrsmes wrote:

“it’s actually the other people here who done it, and are still doin it.
check out my topic here(COUNTER INTELLIGENCE):

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Firstly, why are you posting on my profile?
Secondly, why is it someone elses responsibility to ensure you behave yourself?
If you cant behave yourself, then dont post. Youre acting like a child at 16 years of age, you should not be here unsupervised, and Id appreciate it if you didnt start spamming up my profile like youve done so many others. Youre not going to “crush” Microsoft, and I have no interest in any of your mad ramblings.”

mrsmes wrote:

“terribbly sorry, Ivor, look any way i suppose i could make something with gm so i could take all my stress anger out on it, and then come too the site when i am not stressed soo i should be fine and with out being supervised.”

That last comment of his is proof he’s never made a decent game. You don’t take out stress and anger on a game, because when you’re making a game it causes stress and anger … that is, if you’re not willing to publish a finished product full of bugs like mrsmes always does. 😉

That, my friends, is the day’s news so far. if you want something else to read, I recommend the 21 comments (mostly mrsmes spam) on yesterday’s post. 😀



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  1. what the hell?

  2. Why does everyone seem to think I’m AMERICAN? I’m English, you idiots.

    “Im drinkin sum*hiccup*Vodka…Wanna sum?*hiccup*”

    There is our explanation. Why does he come here when he’s drunk?

  3. I am w8ing for the next D-Day normandy and I will make u decipher the truth AKH, i have an action-packed AK47 with your name on it and all eye need ro to is to track ur IP and… You know what happenes next end eternal happiness happens

    Once i get that PM Spamming tool you gave me from yoyogames to work i will crush your pm system and the whole forum like i did in the past and mwahahahaha those were days, yoyogames now is shit and it will be boring without me and i did a great historic action on yoyogames to be remembered and i will do it again so i will change yoyogames and possibly eliminate it from the face of Earth

    i am typing this from mars so you cannot track my IP AKH

  4. btw i have 2 H-bombs right in my hidden base and all i have to do is to press a the big red button and your whole country will suffer along with you as well, Am I eager to press it!? >:D

  5. to give u proof of my H-bombs of eternal happiness i work for the army and i am a mercenery soon to be general so i’d rather be careful if i was u AKH >:)

  6. u don’t understand do you?
    I knew u r so fuckin stupid without a brian u AKH have d guts to face someone bigger den u without hesitation and it is ovia who will win is it?

    the bigger beats the small*hiccup*so AKH*hiccup*i’d suggest u to give up*hiccup*b4 it will be me who kill u*burp*n ur country


  7. *hiccup*ur president Bush sux btw*hiccup*

    Im drinkin sum*hiccup*Vodka…Wanna sum?*hiccup*

  8. to is to track ur IP and… You know what happenes next end eternal happiness happens (mine)

    CHARGE !!!

  9. Well, he probably isn’t as drunk as the last time he came here and spoke like that, because he couldn’t type properly then. 😉

  10. >__> Is the moron really drunk?

    >D And yes, by moron I mean you SC666. I DARE you to even try to make the eternal happiness thing happen. 😛 Too bad my IP changes every second or so ;). AKH probably is able to keep his IP hidden too 8D. Good luck on your quest though, you’ll need it >D.

  11. “Hey AKH, you have an e-mail(that you check quite often), msn, or something? >_> Me needs to talk to you about something.” 😀

  12. ^_^ Well that’s half good. >D He makes no sense either. A bomb, yeah right LOL. And if he does have one, guess who’s getting arrested ;).

    Hey AKH, you have an e-mail(that you check quite often), msn, or something? >_> Me needs to talk to you about something.

  13. Hooray SC is back….and Oh no! hes threatening us with another virus……LOL

    I wonder if its gonna be another batch file….?

    Its funny AKH, he calls you stupid, yet he needs your code to make any mischief,

    and I love the “Brian” bit…dont you mean “Brain” SC? – LOL…”Im Brian and so is my wife…..” (Monty Python qoute from Life of Brian)

    We’ve yet to see his other super mega virus…and I dont believe SC is even capable of booting up windows without someone else to help him…..

    and SC is not a drunk….he might be French, but SC’s grasp of English is so poor that if he was drunk we would understand him less than Mrsmes….

    At least SC has given me a good laugh…

    SC, please spam my IN-BOX at yoyo…I dont believe you are capable of doing it….and even if you were I never use the thing anyway…

    tu est un tete de merde.

    (Sorry for the poor French readers, but its been 20 years)

  14. SC said “…… i work for the army and i am a mercenery soon to be general so i’d rather be careful if i was u AKH >:)”

    Yes course you do…Just like a few months ago you promised to bring down this website? LOL – You lamer…I dont know what is more pathetic…you telling these obvious lies or you expecting anyone to believe them…..

    Its easy to tell when SatanChild is telling lies…its everytime he posts…

    I think SC must have seen the new Rambo film, and his heads full of fantasies…SC is another example of someone who should not be on the internet unsupervised….although he hasnt included his normal “churchofsatan” link so it may be another emotionally stunted child who thinks hes funny.

    I must admit I had forgotten about SC over the last week or so…Id better check yoyo to see if anyone actually believes he’s a worthwhile individual….Ill make sure anybody he’s duped is refered here…

  15. “tu est un tete de merde.”
    8D That “crappy” insult ;). I like it lol. >_> But yeah, get better at your french. And umm yeah, just cause someone is French doesn’t mean that their English has to suck. 😛 The guy just doesn’t care to make sense. He’s a n00b who thinks he can just rule the world with a puny little virus that can easily be crushed.

    ^Sorry, that seemed more like a rant than a comment T_T.

  16. Yeah I saw his batchfile virus…..LOL…even if someone was silly enough to run it, it wouldnt have worked…LOL

    No, the comment about being french was meant in the context of “although he may speak another language and english is not his is still poor” I have many French collegues and friends and most have a better grasp of English than me…..

    Oh my French, yeah its poor!!! I only did it for about 2 years at school and that was a good 20 years ago…I think it may be UNE TETE DE MERDE..although I cant remember….

    I think the language that SC speaks is the language of the lamer…I honestly believe that he considers himself very funny and is completely unaware of how silly he sounds to others….

  17. “I think it may be UNE TETE DE MERDE”
    Lol it’s Une tete de marde. But, if you’re using it just in that context, then it’s just Tete a Marde. 8D At least, that’s what my french from 5 years ago tells me ^_^.

  18. Figlio di un puttagna It’s SC Again, I really have nothing to say about this jerk, Same old crap, I am already tired of him so I think it’s best to ban him V_V

  19. Bobserge …

    Ivor Biggun is 34.

    Nekru (not Ivor Biggun) is 14.

    And there are many users of YoYo Games over the age of 60 and under the age of 6. >_>

  20. “(Sorry for the poor French readers, but its been 20 years)”
    I don’t believe anyone on the YoYo Games forums or on your web blog is over the age of 20. (Including Nekru.)

  21. Bobserge I dont use GM, and its quite a well known fact of how I was drawn into your yoyo world…

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