Count to 100.000: Still Going Strong

March 24, 2008 at 09:42 | Posted in Everything | 3 Comments
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ShadowHMF’s Count to 100.000 [annoyingly for me, using a dot instead of a comma] thread is still on the front page after months of posts … a total of 4,143. Nearly a 20th of the way there!

Again, that was a substitute for something interesting and PP-related that happened, which is proving rarer than a Mew carrying a Yoshi egg riding a Sky Terasaur on board a Land Hornback dragon being put up for trade with a tauros-like pokeball in Auto-Accept.



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  1. And more news about PP: AKH’s “enemy” Sero now has a permaban.

    ^ 8D That was the 2 greatest seconds of my life when I gave him that final X. >_> Gave him two total. ^_^ Moi is so happy now.

  2. YAY! 😀

  3. Lol you didn’t like him did you? ^_^ Glad you’re happy about it.

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