This post saves the souls of the PokePlushies

March 19, 2008 at 16:56 | Posted in Everything | 13 Comments
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I’m not a Christian or a Satanist, but Post #666 deserves to be called a milestone. 😉



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  1. if he doesn’t listen to you, he won’t listen to me.

    What part of the site is it that isn’t working for you anyway?

  2. Will you P-L-E-A-S-E send an email to cydewinder
    for me?Please im begging now

  3. then email him. Or tell him some other way.

  4. Oh,its the adoptables trade page or something and another site he
    says he allows me if I email him.

  5. I was thinking PM him, but I remember now how you’re banned from the forums.

    Email him from a different email address. Get one from

  6. WHICH other way.

  7. Perhaps try going to and clicking the big red button that says “Sign up now”.

    You will not persuade me to do anything for you.

  8. PM him Please…..
    I go to and all I see are Adverts
    all over the screen.Please PM Cyde.It wot take lng

  9. email him from gmail. >_>

    And if he doesn’t listen to you, he won’t listen to me.

    Remember to wait for him to reply. Give him at least a day or 2.

  10. Ill do -anything- if you email him!!!!
    PS Can I email him from gmail?Will he recieve my mail??

    I dont think he listens to me.Please Ill do anything
    just email him plz plz plz

  11. Anyway,created account at

    Is this his email adress?

    Im getting the impression im emailing someone else,since he doesnt respond!!!!!

    Anyway,Ill email him from

  12. But is feedback@pokeplushies his adress?

  13. he should be able to see But if he asked you to email him, he might have meant

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