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March 17, 2008 at 16:33 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments
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Even though I’ve “humiliated” him and beaten him at his own game [spamming] mrsmes is still getting back at his enemies [for leaving him alone like he asks, I might add].

 I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about LavaBall. Yesterday, as some of you may know, LavaBall posted a polite


on mrsmes’ profile. Today LavaBall revealed that mrsmes spammed him – which was actually probably just 4-6 messages telling a story in their titles and containing nothing but “spam spam spam spamspam spam spam spam” written over and over. LavaBall also added that he would refrain from posting any more shitty comments like that in the future [his words 😉 ].

it turns out the photo from Bobserge yesterday is genuine, and it even has a cool story behind it!

“It is really mrsmes. Short form, long, at first he sent me some messed up picture and mumbled something about ‘alpha-blending’ it with Game Maker. I convinced him to send me a not messed-up picture, he seemed to be (or, more likely, pretending to) virus scanning some web page, and eventually sent me a link. He said the person on the left was called ‘lily’.”

“I guess that’s not the left, but whatever.”

Although mrsmes hasn’t been online to confirm that it is him, he would probably have ignored my comment asking him anyway. And after all, I believe Bobserge. 😉

On a somewhat final note, fatherofsmes (Ivor Biggun) has provided us with what I assume is quite an important piece of un-YoYo-related news [that I know nothing about by the way]. I’m sure it’s good for a lot of people to know about, so I’ll post his notice:

“A piece of important non-yoyo related news. – If you dont know whats being talked about then it doesnt affect you.

Firstly Axxo, the scenez most reliable DVDripper and releaser has returned…and those who seek to use his name to scam others have crawled out from underneath rocks…

If you download ANY torrent/file that asks you to install DOM PLAYER to view, DO NOT DO IT…This garbage has been popping up everywhere and there will be people stupid enough to fall for it…

No Axxo release is ever rar’d, zip’d or passworded…if it is then IT IS A FAKE. Infact any release by ANY ripper/cracker that requires instalation of another program and/or a password will be a fake…ignore them, remove them, warn others about them….”

fatherofsmes has also given a summary of the zone51 and guitarshdr news:

“Ive have an interesting little debate this evening on the markup blog, if anyone wants to check it out…

Zone51 is still wondering on the conversation on his website, though he seems to have stopped his “GML is useless campaign”…SC is nowhere to be seen…guitarshredder is on extended leave (or maybe has returned already with a new handle and a few new imaginary friends) I bet next time he slithers back he will be more careful about commenting on things he knows nothing about…”

And on an actual final note, tomorrow’s posts will be late, by an hour at the minimum. I have things to do that I should have done in November [don’t ask how I managed to leave it until now] >.<



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  1. No promises, They’re both idiots anyway, I would add lava to my enemy list if I was you, Hey did you added satanchild to your enemies list or you’re not updating it again?

    I rarely look at it tough but it would be interesting to add SC To the enemy list if he isn’t on already.

  2. Ok more un-related yoyo news….

    Heres something interesting for any UFO fans out there…..

    Look up google maps, do a search for Area 51 in Nevada…..bit of fun…I am supprised it hasnt been blocked….i thought that place was secret?

    Er and thats it for now…


    Just when I thought yoyo was boring, a little supprise was in store for me….

    A user called Le-Cure PM’d me to ask where the tutorials for GM were….a stupid question if he’d bothered to read my profile and the many messages on it… The strange thing is…Le-Cure joined today and seemed to have no other activity than to PM me…why PM me of all people?

    Im thinking its either I believe he’s french and the user name was LE-cure or its Guitarshredder as the game he’s posted appears to be a lame bat and ball game, similar to the one he posted before….

    Maybe we should have a poll….whichever one it is and whatever dirty little scam they are trying to pull is not going to work…you’re gonna have to be far better than that…I almost pity them for the poor attempt…


  4. According to some Moderator, SC is ‘Abandoned’ from the GMC.

  5. Yeah I had heard that before…Not sure what the angle of this Le-Cure is…but it anyone has any dealings with him they can post it here… SatanChild knows that whenever he turns up here, hes regarded as a freakshow…I can even have a heated debate with him as he is so socially stunted…

  6. edit *cant*

  7. I don’t get it what did I ever do to yuo?

  8. “I would add lava to my enemy list if I was you, Hey did you added satanchild to your enemies list or you’re not updating it again?”

    ^__^ So, I have fatherofsmes who thinks LavaBall should, as he put it, become a part of our “merry men”, while you think he should be on my Enemies List. XD I myself am quite divided but usually an enemy of mrsmes is a friend of mine. 😉

    As for SatanChild, He hasn’t really done enough to me to be put on the Enemies List, and I realise he’s a total moron, but my Enemies List is made up of nearly 100% total morons, the problem with them is not only does their idiocy get kinda boring after a while, but in a lot of cases … they don’t know or understand when they’ve been beaten. So they think they’ve won >_> and if someone thinks they’ve won in an argument, they’ve won, even if it’s obvious to everyone else that they were beaten, they think they’ve won and remain unchanged. And I think someone who can justify posting pornography on a children’s site is one of those people.

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