mrsmes goes into hiding again

March 16, 2008 at 10:05 | Posted in Everything | 23 Comments
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I don’t see why he does this, he’s hiding from someone on the opposite side of the world who’s known that he lives at 21, CROMER ROAD, BRENTWOOD, PERTH, AUSTRALIA for TOO long … and knows that not even HE is stupid enough to actually go into hiding in real life … right?

Anyway, on to the next piece of news … could this be, that right here, today, the GREATEST piece of mrsmes news imaginable so far has actually been found and given to me by none other that BOBSERGE?

He posted this, in image links. Supposedly this is a photo of a real life Aaron Wise [mrsmes]. And if this is a genuine photo, then it proves I was right all along when I said I thought he wasn’t a prankster.

I tell you, this is believable, look how stupid those two look.

Awww, isn’t that sweet. Ha ha.

Anyway, mrsmes’ return warrants lots of quoting. First of all, here’s some words of fail he put in his description, but before that I’ll show what he changed his location to, that’s kind of funny too. 😉

Location: Hiding, no longer on my guestbook
Description: I will defeat Bill Gates. Location is caused because of your actions and how you humiliated me.

Yeah, I overdid it with the 1202 spam PMs. it’s not my fault I left my automated spam script running for too long.

… OK, it is.

Anyway, there’s much more interesting mrsmes “oh no you humiliated me lets be friends but not friends actually neutral” comments on my guestbook:

“sorry for the double post AKH, i really am sorry, well i don’t want too be freinds but i don’t want too be enemies, how about we leave it at nuetral, which is inbeetween, I mean it I promise, honestly I do, just one more chance too proove myself, you gave SC another chance so why can’t you give me another chance.
yes i know i just want a permanet truce. not really friends. i just dont really want any conflict that isn’t need. i understand that i can not be enemies, or freinds but i must be both sorry for any trouble and tripple posting, this all ends here, I know I can’t, be freinds, or enemies, but I need too be both, Inbeetween(Nuetral) soo in other words like a normal member.”

Eh, I think I’ve put him through enough.

But one thing I’m dying to know is if that really is mrsmes in that photo. He’s funny looking. 😉

Anyway, mrsmes will still be hanging around on YoYo, for all those of you who missed him like I did, check the forums. here’s a good place to start. I like how tactfully Dinsdale summed up mrsmes’ idea in post #2. 😀 Have a good day everyone! 😀 [I have to stop ending with that line >_>]



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  1. Zone51 is back and wants to know who TRIstarRSI is. 😉

    *looks at fatherofsmes*

  2. Who me? Dont know what he means…. 😉

  3. It will be interesting to see if anyone does…..anyone over 25 from the A500 scene???

  4. “I don’t see how Bobserge made a connection between that and mrsmes, care for an explanation?”

    I don’t see it either. But it’s Bobserge, he’s a Christian, and Christians don’t lie. He probably has some reason behind it.

  5. I don’t see how Bobserge made a connection between that and mrsmes, care for an explanation?

  6. I was too lazy to make something in C++ (or whatever) when I could just have used iMacros (google it) for firefox and half-wrote-half-recorded a little script that spams people’s inboxes when I play it repeatedly.

    I also have some for spamming forums. 😉

    “He also didn’t seem to understand that he couldn’t crack software so I could cable internet”

    Eh? He couldn’t crack software so you could “cable internet”? That doesn’t make sense.

  7. I added mrsmes on MSN. He also didn’t seem to understand that he couldn’t crack software so I could cable internet, even though the nearest cable is 10 km from here. Also, may I ask, how did you make your spam script? I’m interested in making programs that fill in forums, etc. and am slowly learning Java, too.

  8. i simply build the query URL myself and autorefresh it with some firefox plugin: for maximum performance, run many “threads”!

  9. I know. I tried to tell him that.

  10. Thanks, AHK. I have sent SCIII 13 messages.

  11. A piece of important non-yoyo related news. – If you dont know whats being talked about then it doesnt affect you.

    Firstly Axxo, the scenez most reliable DVDripper and releaser has returned…and who seek to use his name to scam others have crawled out from underneath rocks…

    If you download ANY torrent/file that asks you to install DOM PLAYER to view, DO NOT DO IT…This garbage has been popping up everywhere and there will be people stupid enough to fall for it…

    No Axxo release is ever rar’d, zip’d or passworded…if it is then IT IS A FAKE. Infact any release by ANY ripper/cracker that requires instalation of another program and/or a password will be a fake…ignore them, remove them, warn others about them….

  12. EDIT* “and those who seek to use his name….”

  13. too bad there’s not many decent movies coming out in the near future for him to rip 😛

  14. ….true although its been so long since I went to the cinema or bought a dvd, Ive missed out on a few good titles….

    I forgot to add, there is already a DVDrip quality screener of Jumper released….thats not bad going…its only been out a few weeks….cant remember the rippers handle though….

  15. Right, Im about done the night…

    Ive have an interesting little debate this evening on the markup blog, if anyone wants to check it out…

    Zone51 is still wondering on the conversation on his website, though he seems to have stopped his “GML is useless campaign”…SC is nowhere to be seen…guitarshredder is on extended leave (or maybe has returned already with a new handle and a few new imaginary friends) I bet next time he slithers back he will be more careful about commenting on things he knows nothing about…

    and on that I leave you….


  16. It is really mrsmes. Short form, long, at first he sent me some messed up picture and mumbled something about ‘alpha-blending’ it with Game Maker. I convinced him to send me a not messed-up picture, he seemed to be (or, more likely, pretending to) virus scanning some web page, and eventually sent me a link. He said the person on the left was called ‘lily’.

  17. I guess that’s not the left, but whatever.

  18. Funny how he can’t even tell left from right.


  19. dude, this kid goes to my Highschool.

    ok, i’ll say it, he’s a sped, actually mentally disabled, he rides the short bus, a cans shy the 6 pack

    he just waffles on and on about Bill Gates, Microsoft and spyware and stuff and how he’s going to rule the world

    i lold my head of when i heard about this, i cant believe this,lol

    also, the girl in the picture is called Lily, she’s also special

    hope this clears up some questions

  20. yer, by the way, he is definately is not a prankster

    just a retard who thinks he can make games and destroy microsoft

  21. It’s true i can vouch for Lucifffer :/

    LoL the spyware haha.

  22. comming back here to find no new updates about mrsmes 😦 Since I graduated I don’t think I’ll see him again but it would be funny to see some of his new escapades.

  23. lol I don’t post here anymore, and smessy and YoYo don’t get as much attention now only Enox is posting, but I wrote a lot on him since you were last here, check it out (it’ll be on the second page by now). Also check the quotes of the week page. That basically became a mrsmes quotes page. :>

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