Aww, I was expecting PokePlushies News …

March 11, 2008 at 15:53 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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… but despite the recently announced early hatching and the 2 new Theodore adoptables, there isn’t any.

Well, I suppose I could say that Sero has been temp-banned 😀 [I never liked him] and if you’re desperate for some PP action try the thread below, it’s speculating on what the Pokeballs will be …



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  1. “Maybe you should quit blogging about it”

    NEVER! XD I have considered it, but I decided against it because I want to keep a regular flow of posts.

  2. Haha you didn’t like Sero either? The guy was a spammer *cough*and idiot*cough*. So glad I gave him those Xs. ^_^

    DX No more news about PP? Maybe you should quit blogging about it ever day then ;). Just a pointer.

  3. Oh…ok then. It was just a suggestion ^_^ and I just said everyday, not indefinitely XD (though, that’s probably just a quote error).

  4. Well, even then it would feel weird not posting about PP some days. 🙂

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