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March 9, 2008 at 09:23 | Posted in Everything | Leave a comment
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… so today I’m going to talk about how amazingly intelligient I am – and how even more amazingly intelligient Quagthistle, Cyde, Kaiki, plasticbutterknife and sine are.

So, Lord Arceus starts a topic in Random Chit-Chatter about IQs, and he supposedly has an IQ of 123. I decided I’d take another test to see if I was more intelligient than the 122 I was about a year ago. Annoyingly, I got a ~15 second interruption and there was talking in the background so I couldn’t think … but still got an IQ of 129. o.O

Anyways, I found another more detailed IQ test today and with no background noise or interruption I got a score of 135. Which despite being good enough to apply for Mensa is nothing compared to Quagthistle [150+], Kaiki [~150+], Cyde [144 according to an online test he just took], sine [~140] and to an extent plasticbutterknife [who varies from 130-140]. Most of these more intelligient people don’t trust IQ tests – which says something 😉 But I think just because it would be cool to say “oh yeah I have an IQ of 135 I am like so gifted” I’ll trust an online one for now. XD


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