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He isn’t my enemy, he’s tigerdude1993’s, and all this information comes completely from him, formatted for this blog by me! Enjoy!


More than one username- Sonicguy123, Gothking, Headbanger123
Stealing games- mostly from
Stealing Engines- Soul Ware Engines (ALL), Techno Engine,
Turbo X’s Engine

Grammar Type:


you are really making me angry tigerdude me and sonicguy are brothers.

stop being so shallow i know full well sonicguy is my brother.

tigerdude you are really getting me angry me and sonicguy are brothers.

huh who are you sonicguy(123) i bet your one of those idiots who try to get them self involved in arguments.

Game Maker Creations:

Punx Legacy 1
Punx Legacy 2
Shadows Legacy

Reviews by this Member:


As Good As It Gets
Game: The Armada
Added: 01 March 2008
Created by: Heartagram123

Pros: graphics story pretty much everything
Cons: nothing

Knuckles At His Best
Game: Knuckles the echidna 2 INTRO
Added: 29 February 2008
Created by: Heartagram123

Pros: well pretty much everything.
Cons: nothing

A Heartagram123 Review
Game: Sonics Adventure
Added: 24 February 2008
Created by: Heartagram123

Pros: lovely gameplay,outstanding music,great sprites
Cons: jumping is glitched

Great Use Of My Engine
Game: The adventures of Shadow
Added: 24 February 2008
Created by: Heartagram123

Pros: great gameplay,nice graphics
Cons: nothing much

A Review By Heartagram123
Game: Sonic and Knuckles test level.
Added: 23 February 2008
Created by: Heartagram123

Pros: very good gameplay,love the music,lovely graphics
Cons: it crashes then starts up again

Its Time For it to end
Game: Sonic Crash Kart 2: Born 2 Crash
Added: 23 February 2008
Created by: Heartagram123

Pros: its at least colourful
Cons: bad controls,horrible music for the menu,annoying gameplay plenty of glitches

i waited a long time for crash cart 2 but there is no improvement its al the same except you have added a couple more levels the gameplay is still the worst in a sonic racing game.
i give it a 2/6

Game: Sonic Mission Part 1
Added: 31 December 2007
Created by: Heartagram123

Pros: great gameplay, cool sound, cool cutscenes and great fun.
Cons: nothing

Other Sources of Information:


Now on to his new enemy, it’s Heartagram123.
I’ve never had anything to do with this guy, and he seems pretty new,
so that’s why I think mrsmes isn’t hiding from him, he doesn’t have much influence in the community. In fact, mrsmes is doing the opposite of hiding from this one:

“Heartagram123 if you were with in my physical range of harm you would be more munted than you sound like you are”

I don’t exactly know what the word “munted” means, maybe it’s an Australian term, maybe it was a severe typo,maybe mrsmes made it up, but either way, it made his post worthless more worthless than usual.


“ha you are so stupid you keep judging people on there games and there games have good score ratings and why do you say my games are lame and rubbish other people seem to like them. everyone hates your game because you probably didn’t put much time and work in to future don’t be cruel to people about there games because there’s about 4 things
we can say about candy crunch way is it called candy crunch you didn’t think of a good game title.”

Aw, crud. it appears that nothing is happening there just yet. Except
for OH MY GOD. Heartagram123 has taken back what he said about Candy
Crunch >_>

“this game is good i lied when i said it was rubbish very fun 6/6?”

Dinsdale has a new avatar, and while we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for interesting things let’s talk about Heartagram123.

it appears he’s siding with, as fatherofsmes would say, the smes collective, rating and reviewing the Zuma Basics Example a 6/6. Despite everyone else saying [in a more polite way] that it sucked.
Even Bobserge.


Ok we all know the story i even sent heartagram123 a pm about it and we worked it out that it he abused my game first which is why i reacted look the morel of this story is do apon to others as you would have them do to you, because that is basicly telling them how you wish to be treated if some one dislikes your game then they will do that because it is what they find your way of teaching others that it is appropriate.

Supposed Name:




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  1. whoops, i gave you the wrong link for the stolen games! its actually posted .org).

    can you change it? thanks! ill be sure to change it in my word file.

  2. I was just wondering, I thought you and heartagram were friends.

  3. Who are you talking to TurboX? Me or tigerdude1993?

    I’m not friends with Heartagram123 anymore because he now blindly supports mrsmes’ games with 6/6 ratings.

  4. TurboX, i used to be friends with him. Ive learned aot about him in the past few moths, and Ive come to find that he is just an immature child who cannot control himself, and cant make decisions, like when he rated candy crunch bad and then supposedly rated it good and now supports Mrsmes. I dont want any part in the immature ways of Heartagram123. If you are reading this, it is the truth…Im not the only one who doesnt like you, most of the people who do wont say it to your face because they dont want to hurt your feelings. I really dont care.

  5. Talking about Heartagram123 in the last comment.

  6. I was talking to tigerdude, AKH, and the reason i asked is because heartagram is on tiger’s friends list.

  7. oh, i forgot to take him off! thanks for reminding me.

  8. […] Pros: lovely gameplay,outstanding music,great sprites Cons: jumping is glitched … the AKHLog V3 […]

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