spriter12 has reached the Level of the Enemy

March 6, 2008 at 19:06 | Posted in Everything | 14 Comments
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That’s the highest lamer rank you’ve got there, spriter12, you’re on my Enemies List, be proud. 😉

it turns out spriter12 WAS tricking us, and now, despite having once threatened to jump out of someone’s monitor and punch them in the face, he claims to be smarter than us.

Note that despite having the program he refuses to use it “for good or for evil”

“now lets see what have i done the past three days……ah ha! i have tricked the bashers that i have spammed smes’s inbox and gone over to their side and have gotten them to give me their spamming program. it certainly seems like im the better in the smarts section. and i’ll have you know im not going to use it, why simply because its againts my nature , to hurt some one for things  done in the past. I cant spam AKH and LavaBalls Inbox’s because , not that im afraid to get spammed but that i dont feel that they deserve it even though they do in most sense’s, but i feel that they do not. and if your reading this Akh im not going to use it for good or for evil im not going to use it at all. and i hope you think twice before spamming my inbox for i have done nothing to you to deserve that kind of treatment., i would allso like to say that i still think it’s wrong the way you treat smes but im not going to fight you guys any more im leaving it at this, i have done what i thought was right to do and im not going to do any more im leaving it alone forever, only intervening to help smes when i think its right to do so. this is all im going to say about the matter and im not going to think of it any more.”

Note that that blog post basically says that he will not fight anyone back whatever they do.

I am in the process of teaching him a valuable life lesson – defend yourself. I’m PM spamming him as a start, and I have much more hurtful [emotionally] stuff planned if he doesn’t retaliate. And if he does retaliate, I’ll still get at him 😉 which reminds me of the other life lesson I’m going to teach him: Don’t mess with AKH. I made it very obvious when I gave him the program that if he was tricking us, he would pay for it, and that he can’t stand up to more people than himself in a spam war.

And even if no one wants to join me, I can handle him myself since he has such an anti-fighting attitude.

In other news, Lukasaurus is still here and fighting in the name of the Bible [>_>] he also got flamed by Nekru [which surprised me] and Makke, who said he sounded like a satanist. I’d link to it but this blog is no place for a religious discussion.

unusually, mrsmes was offline throughout today, and right after I said “I find rarely a day goes by on YoYo without mrsmes doing something quote-worthy”. 😐

Luckily fatherofsmes appears to have found a new lamer who might possibly replace him for a little while [although we’ve still got spriter12 either way]. Introducing guitarshdr!

And with that I’ll end today’s post. I hope you noticed the Heartagram123 knowledge base [created entirely by tigerdude1993 I might add], which among many other things made me late with today’s post! 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀



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  1. Hammer time, spriter12.

  2. First off AKH, Ive wiped that email I used to identify myself so the one you can see is the best I can remember…

    This whole thing with the spam I didnt get involved with but as an observer there are a couple of things that cause me concern…

    Spriter12 decieved you into giving him the spam code…if he is smarter than what he calls the “bashers” then he should have been able to do it himself…but thats not really the issue:

    When it was mentioned to spriter12 that homophobic comments had been made on yoyo and that people could be offended by them he seemed completely uninterested and appeared to see nothing wrong…

    I believe that spriter12 is a man of religion, and I respect that..I do not have beliefs per say but I respect the fact that others do and have no bias or prejudice to any religion…
    As I see it spriter12 has lied and decieved to get this program from you guys, and no matter which faith he follows this, I believe, would be completely against any of the religious teachings that he follows.

    Or am I wrong? Is there a religion which allows its followers to decieve and lie?? The only diety I know of that would be happy with that would be Satan….but maybe Ive got it wrong…

    Regardless of what other observers of the spamming think, I believe we can all agree that spriter12s word is not to be trusted with anything…afterall he seemed pretty genuine with his comments…

    There is no justification for deception, and I hope that if spriter12 is a follower of faith can in someway make ammends with that faith…

  3. Now moving away from deception and onto stupidity…

    Guitarshrdr still hasnt crawled out from his preverbial rock yet..however he has marked my comments on his game as spam..does he really think yoyo will do anything?

    Guitarshrdr hadnt really thought that whole fake account system out properly, as I have dumped an image showing that both the people who reviewed his game didnt even download it…Further proof that he is reviewing his own work….

    Update to come…

  4. Hey guys its me again, missed me :D?

  5. So wat r u guys gonna dio?
    Ivor Big Cannon whats your choice suicide or die a hot and tremendous lava death? Like I mean grab you and slowly lower you into a deadly molten rock pit so you suffer a slow, Hot and tremendous death?

    I’d rather die instead of do the afformentioned stuff lollypop >:D

  6. yawn..

    Im not gonna do anything SC….if you hadnt noticed this is a digital medium….

    SC I think that you have issues which no-one here is qaulified to help you with… I dont understand a word you say, its jibberish and as Ive said before in regards to not believing that mrsmes is a real account, Im now beginning to think that it was you and him that were the same person all along…

  7. Think whgatevr u want i and smes are friends, different blood, different countries but the only thing i agree with is that microsoft is going down soon 😉

    i now shall pack my plasma gun(Yes plasma guns are real,search them on google)and hunt down microsoft along with you with it
    i shall give you a hot lava death

  8. ivor i lied becasue at the time i was angry i dont lie in a regular basis( im being truthfull)
    i know that every one has their own faith and truths. i only lied to help smes but as you can see i didn’t use the program at all,not one bit ,thats when i came beck to my sense’s. i hope we can put this all behind us

  9. “despite having once threatened to jump out of someone’s monitor and punch them in the face,”

    I was the target 🙂

  10. Satan and spriter12, You’re both idiots, Especially you SatanChild, I hope you die.

  11. Spriter12, the point wasnt if you used the program or not, it was that you used deception to get it…

    SC, I dont really find you entertaining anymore, just a little tragic…ive really got nothing to say…

  12. Spriter12, I have now read with interest your blog.

    I would like you to clarify a few points

    1. Appart from decieving AKH, what was the point of getting hold of that program, if as you said you dont intend to use it?

    2. You seem to like to make reference to Jesus and christianity, and you seem to live by the rule of, you cannot fight evil with evil..so why then did you use evil and decieve AKH?

    I have had no involvement in this spamming war, yet you refuse to answer these questions to justify yourself. Im really not interested who’s side your on…I dont care…I just want to know how a “man of God” can break the basic principles of christian faith and still claim to have christian beliefs.

    Please answer..I would have posted this on your blog, but Im not prepared to sign up for an account.

  13. answer 1.) i was goin to use it against them but i soon noticed that belice it or not they dont deserve it. pm me on yoyo for a more in depth answer.
    2.) no one is perfect. and God doesn’t zap us with a bolt of lightning when we do some thing wrong or in-correct. God gives us a choice to do right an wrong equal.

  14. That’s one fast answer there, spriter12.

    And what did I edit your last comment to say? None of this God bollocks. This blog is no place for religion and I think you’ll find that very few regular commenters here, if any, are christian. By putting God in every sentence not only are you losing your credibility in these people’s minds, but it’s a form of preaching, and I won’t have it.

    You’re still one my Enemies List and I still hate you.

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