And now it’s time to announce the results …

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The Search for the next Lamer is over, our subject of ridicule over what will be at least a week [with luck] is about to be announced.

For those of you just joining us, our two finalists are spriter12 and Meziathol. The two fought lamely and supported our 3rd place contestant mrsmes, coming across as lame as he did. But there can only be one winner. The voting was a tie, but considering my vote was decided on pure chance (coin flip) and I, after all, am the contest organizer, I will be discounting my vote leaving 3 votes deciding this – and the winner as …

… Meziathol! Congratulations Meziathol, you’ve won the L Factor, you’re our next Lamer!

Unfortunately Meziathol can’t be here to accept the prize because he hasn’t been online since yesterday.

Oh dear.

Oh well, I suppose for today I’ll have to give you a round-up of the spriter12, mrsmes and the entertaining SC666[III] news.

First, spriter12, and the argument that has been taking place on poor LavaBall’s guestbook.

He asked me to “make amends with mrsmes im sure if you treat him with kindness he’ll do the same”.

poor, poor, spriter12. Poor, stupid, spriter12.

He doesn’t know mrsmes well enough to be defending him. I should get mrsmes over to LavaBall’s page so mrsmes can defend mrsmes.

spriter12 [who’s actually 14 not 12] also failed to make the link between homophobia and racism. I don’t need to quote that.

Next up, mrsmes. The first response after mine yesterday came from tigerdude1993 who saved my “YoYo has less than 100,000” members bacon by giving the real figure – 98,540. That was close.

Now let’s look at tigerdude1993 for a second. He’s more like us than you think …

“I’ve recently taken liking to arguments, because they are fun when the other person is a dork, especially those who rate my games unfairly or lie about them.”

Go tigerdude! in fact, he’s in a mini-argument with mrsmes’ old “your game sucks oh wait no sorry it’s awesome 6/6 really good” friend Heartagram123. 😀

But after all, I’m meant to be talking about mrsmes here …

“oh, don’t loose faith in the site so soon, and give up, and not even try too make it better, come on, your really going too give up just like that with out even a fight against microsoft.”

Now it would appear that in mrsmes’ imaginary storyline YoYo aren’t fighting with Microsoft anymore.

Anyway, gamexpert007 stuck his humour-free head into the argument again today –

“mrsmes, if you truly believe that Game Maker is “all that” you are sadly, sadly mistaken. It is good for certain things, sure, but it has too many limitations to be the best. Also, not everyone has heard/will hear about Game Maker. There are a ton of people, and some whole countries, that are too far into poverty.
p.s. Game Maker will never have a fight with Microsoft. It is not that expensive, or that popular, or that good in production capabilites.Oh, and before you accuse me of anything, I am not at all associated with Microsoft. When it comes to video games, I like Nintendo much more. When it comes to the fact that I heard they are trying to buy Yahoo!, I despise them, because I have a Yahoo account, and if Microsoft bought it, they might charge people to have e-mail accounts. Microsoft is not a cheap company.”

Thankfully for today there was no humour or sarcasm for him to misunderstand. in fact today he doesn’t look like a fool at all.

And with the word “fool” we will move on to Mr. T SatanChild666.

Here he is complaining about how he ruined the forum.

And here he is breaking a fundamental law of YoYo Games – ONLY I MAKE FUN OF BOBSERGE! XD

That’s everything for today. ^__^


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