oh noes, the tumbleweed just leveled up

March 1, 2008 at 09:42 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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That’s right, in the metaphorical RPG that is PokePlushies, the News-destroying tumbleweed just leveled up.

Speaking of leveling up, CrimsoNKinG recently hit level 9,000 and fell from the top of the unclimbable skyscraper that is the PokePlushies Click Exchange.

When he reaches level 10,000, he’ll be all out of credits, and we’ll be able to see if 9,999 is a limit for levels or not.

My guess is on the “not” side.

Now the tumbleweed was chasing me, I found a hiding place from where I write this post, but I can sense that it’s near and it knows where I am, so I’m going to leave today’s post here.

[I hate having to make up these super-metaphors every day, why can’t there be some PP News?]



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  1. 9,999 is not the max level. On Cydewinder’s last pokecast he said it was like 7billion,million numbers….lol that CrimsoNKinG seriously destroyed all competition.. Wish it was shiny though..

  2. ^___^ Yeah, a shame it wasn’t shiny.

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