it’s the L Factor Final!

March 1, 2008 at 09:59 | Posted in Everything | 10 Comments
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The moment has arrived.

The search for the next lamer is almost over.

it’s all come down to this.

The two finalists are spriter12 and Meziathol

in the two’s final performances we saw a remarkable effort from spriter12 …

“lavaball your comments are rude and pointless and you had no right to treat mrsmes like that 😡 poeple who are rude to my friends for no reason dont deserce to be my friends. now starts an ever lasting war from your own injustice on mrsmes.”

spriter12 must want victory in this competition so bad that he’s turned on one of his most formidable friends, LavaBall, in favour of the most lamest, stupidest, selfish, untrustworthy an ignorant people to inhabit the Earth, the dark horse of this competition that fell short, mrsmes!

Throughout this competition Meziathol has had a close alliance with all that is lame, first Nekru …

“Nekru dont listen to them, there jelous cause you have over 100 friends”

And now, like LavaBall, with his former competition mrsmes …

“@ Ivor Biggun
I agree with mrmes”

it’s a close competition, and the two are near-impossible to choose between. Who wins? that is down to you. Submit your vote at the bottom of this post in the comments field and support your favourite Lamer. The winner will be guaranteed close coverage of their every lame action on this blog for at least a week, so your vote is more important than ever.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the results.

in other news, fatherofsmes has an impersonator.



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  1. Although I think spriter12 is lamer than Meziathol, from my past experiences with him I don’t think his argument with LavaBall is going to last long – I’d give it 3 days, and then he’s back to being just slightly lame. The problem with Meziathol is that his posts are so short, I doubt I’ll get any good quotes.

    I think I’ll flip a coin, I can’t decide.

    My vote goes to spriter12.

  2. Meziathol – defo…..Hes a manager of his own company you know…LOL…

    What a fool….

  3. I think I’l put my vote on spriter12, I think he is more lamer then meziathol to me.

  4. I dunno, they’ve both complimented my games so I cannot choosmeziathole. ¬_¬

  5. I was hoping my impersonator would come back… 😦

    Oh well, maybe sunday….

    If im reading Nal’s post correctly then its 2-2 on the L factor….

  6. I still think SC deserves it most though. but yeah, 2-2 I s’pose.

  7. Yeah, I see hes back on yoyoforums, I dont want to respond to him there, so Im hoping he will pop over here shortly..

  8. Awww….No SC yet….I was supprised to see him come back to the forums….It shows how stupid he is, as he doesnt realise that everyone thinks him a fool and he cant see it..

    Oh AKH, well done for the increasing hits here….its getting more popular than that markup thing….. 🙂

    \\********* ******** ***//
    Its nearing time, for the release of 08…we’re coming to fuck that shit up…

    “It’s the one and only Boogie Man
    He creeps, he hides, he sneaks, he slides
    If your little feetsies are hanging off the edge of the bed
    You’re running on stumps motherfucker!!!”

  9. “It’s the one and only Boogie Man
    He creeps, he hides, he sneaks, he slides
    If your little feetsies are hanging off the edge of the bed
    You’re running on stumps motherfucker!!!”

    Was that a quote of nekru?

    I checked out his online comic and it’s full of shit and swearing, He is just a child with the age of 8 or close, I think nekru could bring up some funny lines tough because he is similiar to satan, He cannot control his mouth just like satanchild.

  10. Nope, its qoutes from a track called Boogie Woogie Wu which is set to be the theme for our breakpoint competition entry….

    Funny you should mention those two though, as all our lame friends are mentioned in the release…..

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