the Search for the next Lamer is on

February 29, 2008 at 16:39 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments
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it appear everyone is fed up of mrsmes.

And to be honest, so am I, in fact I lost interest months ago (look back). But I’ll still cover it for those who care. And of course to bulk out my post 😉

But that means the search for the next lamer is on. Who are the candidates?

Nailog? My good friends, no.

zone51? I’m afraid he’s not eligible either, due to not being online.


LavaBall? Despite being a friend of spriter12, he’s redeemed himself from the argument I had with him all that time ago.

spriter12? He’s not lame enough.

SatanChild666 – now there’s a good candidate, but he’s not going to come back to this blog, is he … 😦 I’ll still give some of his lameness here and there. Speaking of which …

now, who else is there … gamexpert007? the one who takes everything seriously? I’m afraid he’s another spriter12 of our times.

Add your suggestions in the comments field after the traditional mrsmes quote.

“”Mrsmes, you cannot grasp that C++ will always be more robust and faster than GML…so my question to you is this: If GM is better than C++ in every way (as you say) why isnt everyone using it?”

Simple question, simple logical answer, every one is using it and the GMC(GAME MAKER COMMUNNITTY) is always growing every day, why else do you see more members every day? because it’s growing consatantly.”

[it may be growing “consatantly”, but it’s also growing slowly in comparison to C++ and Delphi – and if everyone used GM YoYo would have at least 30x it’s current amount of members].



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  1. Out of the people listed above, I’d choose SC. He thinks he’s better than everyone. He thinks he’s a fucking genious allthough he always makes typos, contradicts himself and flames people for no reason. Oh, yeah, and he also posts porn on the YYGF. way! He’s one of the most impartial people I know and he does his best to keep YYGF clean. (he does an outstanding job considering the fact that he’s the only mod around, loads of noobs come to YYG everyday and he doesn’t even have banning powers – only post, topic and comment removing and editing and topic locking)

  2. oh, Ive got a good one… about the spawn of mrsmes…..check this guy out:

    He posted on mrsmes profile “@ Ivor Biggun
    I agree with mrmes”

    He is also a director of his own company (just like mrsmes used to claim)

    This clown may be a good fill-in until SC gets the courage to come back again….

  3. Meziathol again, eh? First he took Nekru’s side, now he’s taking mrsmes’ side.

    I think you’ve found the next Lamer, fatherofsmes. 😀

    But what about spriter12? he’s taken the side of mrsmes over the side of LavaBall, maybe we can get some arguments going there as well. 😈

  4. “I took the time to look at that civil war game of his…what a load of rubbish…I now understand how low SC’s skill level is….”

    He made a game? where is it?

  5. Both are worthy……

    I was really pleased to have an impersonator….It was a little upseting to see everyone else get one at some point and not me!!!

    They say immitation is the best form of flattery…

    I think that my impersonator is SatanChild….I was hoping he might come back here and be brave enough to use his own name….

    SC’s mega virus still hasnt brought down the site……I cant believe he thought that I, or anyone would believe it…SC’s lies are so lame and so badly thought out that nobody will ever take him seriously again….

    I took the time to look at that civil war game of his…what a load of rubbish…I now understand how low SC’s skill level is….

    Message to SC: Wanna now try to convince me you can code in assembly or c? Lets have a conversation… IQ of 154….lol

  6. XD I’ll see if I can find it.

  7. I found it on a link in sc’s forum posts….its called cv war and it was hosted on a file server, because hes banned from uploading games to yoyo…

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