the Tumbleweed is blown into the air …

February 26, 2008 at 16:08 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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… by the Sky Terasaur!

 That’s right, Phoenix812 is the first person to recieve a Sky Dinomon and it’s [called by EvilWings727] “usedtobepromo” equivalent is the biggest and in my opinion greatest of them all, who would have thought that the Sky Division would be better than all the others? An Über Congratulations to Phoenix812, and here’s the topic again:



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  1. Have you seen Cydewinder’s latest announcement about the red Xs? Sure it can remove lots of spam and spammers but I really think it is mean. It brings alot of pressure to one who is tempting to post.

  2. @EvilWings

    Did you know that before I made this system we didn’t give any warnings? If you broke a rule you went straight into a temp ban, and if you broke another bam, you’re gone. If anything it’s less mean than how it used to be.

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