Tumbleweed floats across PokePlushies

February 25, 2008 at 16:16 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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Yes, there’s no PokePlushies News today it appears. The site is going slightly faster than the day before, as has been a pattern over the last week or so, the blog is still closed, the cash shop and dinomon handler adoptables are the same as they’ve always been, I’m still using slowness as an excuse not to click exchange and Theodore is still hiding with the Kamehameha codes in that 100 x 100 grid. He has been found 37 times so far.

So, what, do you ask, am I going to use as a space filler?

MachineGunContra’s Real name is Kenneth [oh noes, he’s going to smite me with a baseball bat].

OracleKnightX’s Real name is Kenneth.

Larry’s Real name is David.

And Joey’s Real name, oh you’ll never work this out …

 … it’s Joey.


That is what I had to use as a space filler. There truly is no PP news today.

… But thank you all for reading anyway. 😀



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  1. You forgot my name!!! Sam it is! ^_^

  2. Could you tell pokeplushies i would like
    to use the sites they offered me? My email doesnt
    work very good.Please tell Cyde i said yes.i wont
    bother anymore.

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