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This is it, everything I know about mrsmes, all of it discovered during a never-ending argument starting in August 2007:

– His birthday is 25th May (4 days before mine coincidentally) – not sure which year though …
– He has claimed to be 14, 15 and 16 all at the same time
– His name, despite being a company name, definitely means “Mr. smes”
– His real name is Aaron Wise
– His email address is and his password used to be “mrsmes”
– He is autistic
– He has a rarely updated blog
– He does not understand dimensional physics in the slightest and is constantly coming up with dimensional theories, one of which contained a 24th dimension, all of which contain a fifth, and none of which are true
– He is tremendously homophobic
– He cannot spell “porn” (among many other words)
– He does not use or understand the basic rules of English despite being Australian
– He lives at 21 Cromer Road, Brentwood, Perth, Australia, Earth.
– He believes Microsoft are trying to hack his computer by sending him viruses and since Microsoft haven’t hacked him, he believes he is crushing them
– When Tuntis guessed his password and him and I made it seem as though Microsoft actually had hacked mrsmes’ account, he didn’t understand it – and actually took it the other way, as if he were crushing Microsoft (as he always does in his stupid head)
– He cannot make a good game, examples being the now deleted Sukadial the Hampster (terrible physics), Candy Crunch (terrible … everything) and the Zuma Basics Example, whatever that was meant to do
– Microsoft, Game Maker, YoYo Games, and his enemies (somewhat dominantly fatherofsmes, LavaBall and me) seem to be the only thing he can think of, no matter where he is – even on professional graphics and asm/C++ forums
– He is either Christian or he put “I will follow Jesus forever” in his sig because he saw other people doing it
– He does not understand others, I assume this is due to him not understanding English
– He once pretended to be a mod despite it being obvious he wasn’t
– He claims that any comment above 400 characters is spam (regardless of quality) despite the fact that a sort of trademark of his is writing a page (4 500 word comments) on a single subject, and constantly repeating his point in different words
– He seems to have a hatred for spam yet all he does is spam (duh D )
– He has a tremendously annoying habit of (seemingly) unintentionally changing the topic
– He often takes in sayings and words from his surroundings, mostly from fatherofsmes
– He has made the immature mistake of believing a twice-offending (if you will) spammer named SatanChild666 had changed after having had no punishment other than what he had the first time, a banning
– Despite it being made obvious several times, I don’t think mrsmes understands that fatherofsmes and Ivor Biggun (whom he constantly calls “Ivor Big gun”) are the same person

This bears (almost) as much importance as the Enemies List, so it’s being Blogrolled.



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  1. [just so everyone knows, this isn’t today’s news post]

  2. as a side note, I think its quite possible that mrsmes recent outbursts are being instigated by SCIII….

    Mrsmes is very easily led, look at the time when he believed there was another mrsmes who had traveled back in time and started posting on the forum….

    SCIII has not been on the site for a few days, and mrsmes has been more brave than usual….possible hes being instructed by SCIII? – Just a theory.

    Anywayz…Im waiting until 11pm UK time, when the mrsmes safari starts….

    Peace out

  3. As promised heres the first of the Mrsmes lies posts.. Below is end of an arguament via email on the yoyo site, Mrsmes had lost an arguament and I was challenging him on the claim he made that he wrote articles for both GMtech and Markup:

    I sent the following:
    So you admit it then, it is lies? You dont write for markup, your not a mod… you were telling lies.

    Mrsmes replied:
    can you read, i said i right for mark up i even send in the articles but they don’t use them instead gmtech finds them and puts them in their magazine i suggested the interview with mark overmarrs they just decided not too give me any credit for it, it was my idea, you see the reason they don’t do that and give me credit is because people who read it will check who has contributed too it and if they see mrsmes on the list they don’t read it and they then tell others so they don’t get that magazine and it becomes unpopular.

    More mrsmes lies to follow…

  4. Ha ha, that’s a good one. How can he think anyone would believe that GMTech or MarkUp uses what he writes.

    And I like the theory about SC666.

  5. Great, you have suuuuuuch an awesome life, figuring out other’s personal info! =)

    Seriously now, get a life.
    I’m pretty sure all you do is jerking off on every bit of info about mrsmes you get.
    And of course your dumb pokemon shit >.>

    The only thing I agree on with you is everything bad you said about Naruto8foxbitch, who IS a big dildo sucking idiot who fingers his mom’s and sister’s butt, gets raped by his dad and fucks all little girls younger than 6 he sees.

    Anyway, I hope you get hit by a car somehow, or your daddy shoves his dick too far in. ^^

    I’m not scared of lots of “scaaaaaary” flaming of you Q_Q

  6. Well this certainly isnt smes or SC posting….as they seem to be able to spell…

    “Iā€™m pretty sure all you do is jerking off on every bit of info about mrsmes you get.” – There must be alot of jerking going on, as the sites had over 12000 hits as its posters like you people like to read and laugh at…

    You say “Seriously now, get a life.” – If that means having fantasies like the one you just described, then I think Ill just stick with reading AKH’s blog, if its all the same to you
    …I dont know what sort of kinky shit youre into, but I suggest you go to a different blog because we are not into that stuff here.

    and my money would be on the poster being Nekru.

  7. fatherofsmes, this isn’t Nekru, I know who it is, it’s a guy from the slime online boards who I pissed off when I accidentally called him a retard.

    Wiro, you’re just pissed off because I’m saying autism is bad.

    mrsmes’ is, yours isn’t [yours until now was unnoticeable], but if you want, I can make yours seem bad šŸ˜‰ I shouldn’t have taken out that comment, should I? I should have just said what I was going to say – “next time be more careful before you make something you don’t want known so public”.

    Now fuck off, ’cause you don’t deserve to be given the mark of the lamer.

  8. […] third update (this is getting bad now): he’s so lame I’ve given him his own Knowledge Bank, he tends to go in a behavioural cycle of … starting an argument with someone, then as soon […]

  9. Well heres a new one for you kiddies.Find me now.Find my info.AKH can try and track this.And all you losers to.If you fail.Read between the lines.
    FYI the info and location is false.I am not on that stupid map.REATARDS!!!Louisville ky.Yeh great skills if that was me.HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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