OH NOES NO MORE PP BLOG … wait, that’s good for me …

February 21, 2008 at 16:02 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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That’s right, the Official PokePlushies Blog is closed due to a lack of readers.

… Even though it gets so many more readers than I do.

To be honest, I think they expect too much too soon. Until recently, I had a lot of their traffic because I had a higher Google ranking than their blog for “pokeplushies”, and the good news for me is that if they really do stop updating it, I’ll get back to a #1 spot. 😉

Anyway, they said that the number of readers they get doesn’t justify the work they do, so that’s why I said they were being too expectant. I’ve worked for almost an hour a day, sometimes more, writing posts for this blog, for a good 3+ months and I get around 180 – 200 hits each day after all of this, and usually no more than around 5 comments overnight. I’m pretty sure they don’t spend much more time on their blog than I do and I know simply because they get 100,000 hits a day to their main site, which has a blog link on it, that they get a LOT more than 200 hits a day.

Anyways, there is more news, this time from the forums.

And no, their slowness problem hasn’t been fixed just yet.

They’ve changed the code for adoptables. Well, more they’ve changed the URL. Instead of, for example going to http://pokeplushies.com/adoptables.php?act=rarecandy&id=45509 , you can now go to http://pokeplushies.com/feed/45509 , although the old link still works.

Due to PP’s slowness I won’t be click exchanging today, and I welcome the break to be honest, some nights all my time would be taken up just to keep in first place at the click exchange so I need some CE-Free [note the awesome rhyme there] days.

Now finally, and this is a little unrelated, it appears that, entirely coincidentally with PokePlushies having problems, I too am having problems. I started up my computer today to find that it now wanting to BSoD me before I could login. I had to restart (obviously) and be logged out of this blog (cookies must have been cleared) all because of some sort of “Device Driver” error, just like it always is. Hopefully I can get it sorted.



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  1. Yeah but that’s the point. We have a main site that gets 100,000 hits a day. We should be spending time on that instead of the blog that only gets 500 hits a day and nobody submitting anything.

  2. Ah, I see. I thought your blog would’ve got more hits than that.

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