Have Microsoft finally done away with mrsmes?

February 21, 2008 at 16:24 | Posted in Everything | Leave a comment
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… I think so.

mrsmes hasn’t been online overnight, I doubt it’s actually because Microsoft have killed him, because they might not have, but I do know that after he got owned yesterday – in what was metaphorically referred to as a war – he hasn’t posted any comments on the forums or on YoYo.

Thankfully it appears SatanChild has reared his ugly head out of the manure pile that he calls home to read what’s been going on in his guestbook.

He believed the delusional mrsmes and threatened to get Nailog over. But Nailog like me more than him. Or at least, I hope he does, or YoYo is in trouble. O_O

Anyway, he also appears to be a little smesy [adjective meaning “like mrsmes”] in that he didn’t quite understand that I wasn’t accusing him of wanting to destroy YoYo Games with some sort of superpowerful weapon, and that when I said “destroy YoYo” I actually meant “ruin the site with mod-powers”.

LavaBall remains in somewhat less involved position than me and fatherofsmes, but he remains nevertheless on the profile of mrsmes.

And that rhyme ends today’s post.


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