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That’s right people, we’ve done it, we’ve reached 10,000 hits!

And to celebrate this occasion, I’ve started more than just an argument with mrsmes, I’ve started a war! And this time, there will be no truces. EVER. 😉 I can assure you of that. Like SC666, he’s had too many chances.

Let me give you a little background information on the cause of this. You see, this all began last night [I was asleep at the time] when mrsmes posted these 3 comments on my most recent post:

as “SC666IIII” [and linking to freewebs.com/mrsmes]:

simply “I am back AKH.”

as mrsmes [and still linking to freewebs.com/mrsmes]:

“he, he, he, AKH will get owned by SC honestly.”

… think what you like of that >_> and finally as “SC666IIII” [again, but this time linking to the non-existant freewebs.com/SC666III]:

“AKH, that does it your going down your goig too be owned you stupid fool, I am going too bash you like hell one day even I(SC666) managed too mature once in a while with my new account but the reason I am going too kill you for this is that you don’t learn when too stop unlike myself.”

he didn’t even change his speaking style! what does he think I am, stupid like him? anyway, he continued by posting this on SC666IIII’s YoYo profile:

“i have recently discovered AKH, fears, Nailog, SC666III, i thought i would make a joke about it on the forums except using 5 I’S at the end of the name ‘SC666’ so it came out as ‘SC666IIIII’ just too really annoy AKH and frame Ivor Biggun on the blog too break the peace between them around on AKH’S blog, that scum(Reffering too AKH here and anywhere) and well i made use of Nailog saying “I am back” and may of confused the stupid scum(AKH) well back too causing his blog to go corrupt.”

And now, here is my response to his blog comments:

“Readers, please note that mrsmes and “SC666IIII” (SC6664) are the same person. ^_____^

I would seriously like to see some immature little french kid try and kill me. That would be funny. Painful for him though.

But more importantly mrsmes, it appears you don’t realise that you’re impersonating someone who doesn’t exist. SC666IIII was a theoretical account that SC would create after he spams YoYo with his third account.

And he has not changed. if you had any ounce of intelligience you’d realise he’s pursuing the same position that you once tried and failed to -he’s trying to become a mod by making modship easier to get into – and anyone remotely deserving of power on YoYo [even Nailog] can see this stupid idea and ignore it like the [metaphorical] tramp it is.

I predict that when he realises that his ideas have no weight among anyone other than uninfluential 12 year olds [oh, and you] he will spam the community out of frustration and then a few weeks later come back as SC666IIII, or some other alias that screams “SATANCHILD”.”

And finally my official declaration of war [if you will] on mrsmes’ profile page, spread over 4 comments. THIS is good:

“You just started a war mrsmes.

Not between me and fatherofsmes as you hoped, no, I’m coming for you.

You think I’m SCARED of SatanChild666? SCARED? Trust me, I don’t get scared of people on the internet like some sort of retard [you] would, and by thinking you did what you think you did when you did what you did [it’s not nice when you can’t understand someone, is it?] you’ve only proved that you can’t read.

… And by your pathetic attempts at writing you’ve already proved you can’t do that either.

Just so you know, you write worse than a 6 year old.

Your plan to frame fatherofsmes shows your complete stupidity. Not only did you not even use the name fatherofsmes in any of your comments, but you made it so obvious it was you I had no need to check the I.P. address [and you don’t know what one of those is, do you?].

… As for causing my blog to go “corrupt”, you’ve just proven that you don’t know what that word means. You’re the “stupid scum” here mrsmes, you’ve more than proved it with your actions over the past few hours.

if you try anything else I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine and spam your inbox to shit, as I see you’ve done to LavaBall.

And with my fourth and final comment I’ll destroy any remaining credibility in you thinking I would be afraid of someone saying “I am back”. Not only do I have no fear of Nailog – I’d insult him on his own profile if you’d like me to prove it – I also don’t ever recall him saying “I am back”. it must have been said weeks ago, I’ll assume you thought that was said today though, since you don’t look at the dates of things you read.”

So there I am. I’ve lost it and I can’t control my rage any further. This is a fight to the death … or at least banning … between me and mrsmes and I’m more than prepared for the next stage.



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  1. I realise now that mrsmes did actually put 5 Is after SC666 rather than 4, that just proves how bad an idea of his that one was – it went unnoticed.

  2. Some people need to get a fucking life.

    If Mrsmes really is 16, I am genuinely worried.

  3. Hi all….

    Look at that…I spend a few days away from the computer and all this excitement happens!!!!!!

    Welldone on 10000….hopefully this latest “attack” will result in more hits….

    So have I got the correct story? Mrsmes off on an attack? lol… The mrsmes who cant tell the difference between reality and fantasy?……The same mrsmes who kept us entertained with stories of 124 dimensions and Bill Gates hacking his computer? and the mrsmes who released the digital abominations that are Candy Crunch and that hamster game?…not forgetting that “Zuma example”….and if anyone can explain what the f*ck a zuma is, Id be grateful…

    Mrsmes: Im glad you explained to AKH the other day that the Candy Crunch characteryou drew was a squirrel…I didnt know….I thought it was supposed to be a hamster with a mars bar shoved up its arse…

    I think Mrsmes and SC would make a lovely couple…they are both clueless lamers with dodgy fetishes…

  4. Ive just been reading through the madness that is mrsmes’s mind….

    Mrsmes really believes he’s embarassed people, doesnt he? He just cant grasp anything, can he?

    I really dont think Mrsmes should be allowed on the internet unsupervised…If he is indeed 16, then he has issues which are far beyond that which we originally thought…

    I would like to know where his parents are, allowing him on the net unsupervised…..

    I havent seen much posting from SC, so obviously the shame of being associated with mrsmes has caused him to leave…thats no bad thing…

    Oh and Mrsmes’s latest classic comment was when he claimed he could speak french and said “we we”….er no mrsmes….its oui oui….lol..check out this classic smes comment on the yoyo forums…

  5. AKH, sorry to post again (just read your comments on mrsmes profile)….you do realise that any post to mrsmes over 10 words cannot be understood by him?

    Ive tried explaining things to him and after about 10 words his mind wanders, he forgets and then rambles on about something else….

    Congrats again on 10000 hits, Ill be posting again later.

  6. Thanks for the congratulations everyone ^___^

    I’ve let mrsmes off for now primarily because he’s so stupid all my points from yesterday are stood untouched – he’s done nothing to deny them or show any form or objection. All he’s done is repeatedly plead for, as he put it “the 4” referring to me, fatherofsmes, LavaBall and him to try and get along and turn over a new leaf and so on … you know how much mrsmes repeats the same point in different words.

  7. hey, I could use my last comment in today’s post …

  8. […] posted in retaliation to mrsmes’ spamming of LavaBall and recent posts on here and YoYo [see this link for more […]

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