mrsmes is weird as always

February 16, 2008 at 09:53 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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it appears he doesn’t know how to use the YoYo PM system. He PMed me back with what appeared to be just a quote of me. I later noticed that within this quote, under where I had quoted his first PM, that he wrote this:

“i am using advance paint now and making some impressive things with it oh, and with kate the squirrell from candy crunch i even gave her a dress and a pair of bras, in the game. “

I think mrsmes has a squirrel fetish. o.O That’s the only thing he added to what I said – completely unrelated as always.

I’m afraid it all seems to be quietening down. mrsmes seems to have ignored my comment offering some extra help and instead on his profile page a sort of debate has erupted around whether or not you can have spaceships in an ancient civilisations game. Oh, and gamexpert007 made a sane post for the first time in a while.

Not much other news, I’m afraid, mrsmes hasn’t been too active on the forums, but he has given me a quote:

“That does it now i am really angry with microsoft, : angwy :”

And I think with that I’ll end this post. 😐



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  1. gamexpert007 definitely thinks you’re serious. For him, it’s like sarcasm doesn’t exist.

  2. I hope people are realising that the comments made on mrsmes’s profile, were sarcastic….im not sure if gameexpert thinks Im serious….obviously he has not seen Life of Brian or he might have worked it out…

  3. “Ah, you want to simultaneously laugh at him and punch him in the face. 😀 ”

    I couldn’t put it better. XD

  4. If you want some more of the classic Mrsmes stupidity, I found this quote, on the MarkUp Magazine forum, on Eyas’ comments (Eyas being the runner of MarkUp):

    “@Eyas: why didn’t you take in my suggestions?
    answer me or i will deduct some of your i points by going to donate i points and then -“

    Ah, you want to simultaneously laugh at him and punch him in the face. 😀


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