OK, I’m stirring this up

February 15, 2008 at 10:14 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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Due to the lack of news over the past few days, I’ve decided I might try to engineer some.

I posted 2 comments on mrsmes’ profile after he asked gamexpert007 if he knew where the action library for enemy AI health points was. :O [because it is so simple, there is no such library] here are the comments:

“oh, Jesus Christ, mrsmes, you just don’t get game making do you?

To make enemy AI you must use variables.

You simply need each enemy to create a variable representing it’s health in it’s create event.


Each time it is hit, [collides with a bullet object] you decrease this variable by a certain amount.


and when it is less than or equal to 0, you destroy the enemy.

if h<=0 instance_destroy()”

“-_- I said “enemy AI” instead of “enemy health”.

Anyway, I’ve given you the code to do it, but since I know how much of a complete moron you are, I’m not going to explain it because all I will get back from you is insults.”

if it doesn’t help mrsmes, I know for sure it’ll give me a little argument to write about. Sometimes I just can’t take his stupidity.

He is so stupid that he cannot recognise blatant sarcasm. Much like gamexpert007 – No one seems to have noticed that he too has extreme difficulty identifying sarcasm. He’s a lot like mrsmes. In fact he’s like a mix of Bobserge and mrsmes but with better spelling. 😀

Anyway, hopefully I can get gamexpert007 in on this argument, I’d love to insult him, I’ve got so much to say. LavaBall seems to have left the argument, but hopefully he will come back now I’m doing this. I don’t hate him too much anymore and he can be a good arguer.

fatherofsmes has returned, he gave me the idea for the sarcasm comment earlier in this post, and made some other good points. I won’t copy the post over, I’ll link to it though. ^_____^

excuse the long smiley, I’ve been spending a lot of time at PokePlushies.

Anyway, I’ll finish with an anecdote describing a dream I had last night. All I can seem to remember is that for about three quarters of it I was in school feeling massively self conscious for no reason, like I was walking around naked [but I wasn’t thankfully] and then for the final quarter I was looking at a map showing a house at the top, with a fence underneath it and two trees below this fence. There was mud all over and some sort of dry path, like one made entirely of sand, but anyway, one of the trees had collapsed and it was labelled “Nekru tree”. The dream was so engrossing that I woke up and for about 5 minutes I was half awake and believing that there was such a thing as a Nekru tree. I don’t normally write about my dreams, but I liked this one, despite being one of my strangest dreams ever, it was vivid, and I was, for the final part of it, very happy.

… I think I’ll put the dream down to the drink I had last night.



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  1. The Nekru tree XD He invaded your dreams

    Anyway as for mrsmes looks like he thanked you for what you thought to him, Which is something you don’t expect him to do.

  2. I tell you, my stirring up worked brilliantly, check out my 4th post of the day and thanks for telling me about mrsmes’ reaction, Makke. 😀

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