mrsmes didn’t insult me for helping him? well, there’s a first time for everything I guess.

February 15, 2008 at 14:21 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments
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Thanks to Makke’s comment, I found out that mrsmes didn’t insult me for my little bit of help I gave him, in fact he wants to team up.

 And the answer to that is a straight no.

Although I am willing to teach him how to add AI health, it’s a simple thing, I could probably teach it to an average GM n00b in 30 minutes or less, so mrsmes will probably grasp it after a day or two.

For your enjoyment, here’s some PMs and comments that have come along as a result of my stirring up:

Comment from mrsmes in response to my “you’re just going to insult me for this help” comment:

“no, no, no don’t worry akh you won’t get that at all, infact i am very thankful, for that help and i have experienced making a turret that points towards the mouse for a tank simulation how ever it’s in a platformer side scrolling shooter and i can’t calculate how too make the tank face left when my turret object is pointing more towards the left, but if it’s facing more towards the right at the same time with out going too 360 degrees or the nearest possible degrees too circle back too 360 and go down below objects like the ground which would be un natural, but i can work out how too do all the other physics such as mud, dirt, snow, grass, water, ice, sand terrain physics, injury physics sparks, metal, blood, flesh peeling off, the health system thanks too your help, and i can even make slippery terrain and some ai.

And a boss, thanks again too you akh, and a menu and many other game play modes all out of raw skill and i am putting it all together what is more too make it more like a simulator is dirt, and mud, and water and ice, snow grass particles will flick up as you move straight over the, appropriate terrain.

say we could be a team for just this once AKH, we could even enter it too the ancient theme and say it was set in the days they had tanks and well i borrowed a tank sprite from the resource pack and got the turrett part of it and redone the rest of it too look underneathe the turret for a raising and lowering action, i’ll come up with an awesome story and a challenging game play you just provide the coding help where i get stuck see below for an example,”

[there is no example below]

My comment in response to this:

“no. no team. I don’t have time and I even if I did I wouldn’t want to work on your game with you when I can barely understand what you say half the time.

it was a nice offer but if you can’t understand what I was saying to you in my post then I just can’t help you.

I gave you pretty much all the instruction there, I even gave you the simple codes, all you need to do is put it in if you want to use it.

You DO know how to add code to a game, right?”

mrsmes’ PM to me after I posted my “you’re just going to insult me for this help” comment, entitled “How about i make you an offer, you will like it trust me, no arguments and misunderstandings garrunteed…”:

“Ok, AKH, I mrsmes have an offer i would like too make for you, how about this:
You help with me that small little request on coding
In return i will give you:
Help with spriting and a few ereas where your not so good
So here is the deal you help me with that one small thing i requested in my guestbook, and i can help you with spriting or maybe a bit of coding you don’t have too do any spriting in the project and you will gain credits, wadda you say, but this is a one time offer and i am not always this reasonable so choose fast because we only have 48 hours and time is ticking and will start as soon as you have opened this message. so make up your mind within 48 hours or the request will expire and you will not gain any help from me and i shall not gain any help from you.”

My reply to this PM:

“I don’t want help from you because not only am I both a better spriter and coder than you, I haven’t touched GM in months and I don’t intend to for a while more. … And I don’t want to help you with your game because whatever happens it’s still going to turn out bad. Read my comment on your profile. I am willing to try and teach you a little bit about the AI coding, but nothing more. “

[again, I appear to have talked about “AI” instead of “AI health”. I’m surprised mrsmes hasn’t gotten confused yet]

I think I’ll add some stuff from this to Quotes of the Week, it’s Gold. I’ll update you tomorrow on mrsmes’ ramblings that will no doubt spurt on to his guestbook when he read what I have to say. I don’t know what he’s going to say to it but I have a feeling his response won’t, as always, be in any way similar to that of a normal person.



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  1. Ill quote you from the other day AKH..>

    “Well, not every GM user’s career amounts to nothing. hpapilon [I haven’t spelt that right >.<] earns a lot of money from her games and I remember seeing NPT say that his GM work was the property of his employer.”

    Ill have to check out Hpapilon, see whats been achieved…Though maybe Im being harsh on my judgement of “sucessfull” I am more judging the actual workplace viability of having a GM skill…I think the message which I was trying to put across (badly) was GM is not taken seriously in the programming world (thats if youre lucky enough to find an employer who even knows what it is)

    We’re nearly at 10000!!!!!! but I have to get some decent tossers over here….weve been lacking in a good lamer for a week now…..

    Ill be posting again shortly…..

  2. Gameexpert has got into a sort of arguament with Mrsmes about when tanks were used in war…Mrsmes says ancient times…Gameexpert says WW1….I agree with Mrsmes…afteral look at the film “Life of Brian” its about the Romans and has a spaceship in it…(for readers here too young to have seen the film…youtube search will find you some of the funiest clips)

    Fingers crossed for Zone51 making an appearance..

    Or atleast a little flamewar with Mrsmes….

  3. Sorry AKH, I forgot to change the name back before posting here…..

    All fixed now.

  4. hpapillon [sic?] sells some anime dating sims made with GM: nothing special; I guess she makes half a living doing it.

    She’s probably an artist using GM to make games.

  5. ah….btw t howz your C++ learning going? Have you checked out Ogre or darkGDK? They are both free and give ya easy directx/opengl access…

  6. I have a bigger interest on application development. And I’ve always sucked in math 😛


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