Damn you Lord Anty.

February 15, 2008 at 09:43 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments
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The “lol i’ve been here 2 days look how many posts i’ve got” spam-master Lord Anty got the Dinomon Research topic closed:

 “Locking this topic. It is full of spam. I’m looking at you Lord Anty.

Theres some posts in here that are very thinly disguised “Level me up” posts. They are against the rules and you know it.

I might unlock this in a day or so once you’ve all realised how ridiculous this thread has become.”

You know what I hate about the guys who spammed the Dinomon research topic? it’s like, no matter how many times you mention it, the Click Exchange doesn’t exist to them. And they fail to realise, after several days, that you can only level your own Dinomon once a day.

I also hate n00bs who think they can get a corrupted dinomon by getting 100 click exchange credits. 

… I tell you, I think Cyde made a bad decision there. I would’ve just banned Lord Anty and left the topic open. But hey, it’s not my forum.

Or my 2000 emails. XD

Yeah, Cyde and Quetzal have finally had enough of n00bs spamming them, so they’ve made a topic about that n00bs obviously won’t read.

Other than that, there’s not much other news, although gio101046 – who once came here as miniguy101045 – has become the second person to have a rare Land Terasaur, so congratulations to him. I thought originally, from looking at the name of “7:00 2/13” that it belonged to Crazyness.

I guess Crazyness is just unlucky. First he misses out on a Corrupted Terasaur by 25 minutes, then he misses out on a Rare. if he weren’t from the same country as mrsmes and Nekru, I might have some form of sympathy.

[for non-YoYo readers, mrsmes and Nekru are my 2 biggest enemies, both from Australia]



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  1. Dang, that is bad luck you’ve got there! XD

    I hope you get a Corrupted soon, Crazyness.

  2. I just realised you mentioned me in two of your blogs. *feels special*

    Btw, I adopted a dinomon and it evolved after about 4 and a half hours. Turned into a fuchsia. >_<

  3. …..I got a corrupted after 4 to 5 hrs…

  4. Curse you AKH, i caught you trying too stir things up around the forums that’s just awful, curses, too you, how could you even think of doing such a thing, especcially in general chat on the forums of YoYo i like it much better there than here now.

  5. Ivor Biggun is mrsmes, He is so stupid to forget to change the link, His link still say’s


    Mrsmes drop dead already!

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