Click Exchange Corruption is happening again

February 14, 2008 at 09:32 | Posted in Everything | Leave a comment
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That’s right, thanks to Cyde playing around with hatching levels, growing levels, and time requirements, it is now possible to get a corrupted dinomon from the click exchange with somewhat minimal effort – around 500+ credits and a good time of adoption. I adopted my latest dinomon at 12:00 Midday exactly [to the minute] and it had reached adult form within 9 hours at level 122:

I made a post about it in Dinomon research too. ^^ They’re researching pretty well, and now they think the time limit for corrupteds is around 9 or 12 hours instead of 24. Although Crazyness seems to think [with quite a lot of evidence disproving him] that the limit is 6 hours. I can tell you that he is wrong, because I checked on my corrupted Dinomon up there 6 and a half hours after adoption and it was still a baby form.

Anyway, in what I believe is today’s only other piece of PokePlushies News, I’ve finally done it. I’ve made myself an unofficial adoptable.

it’s Reygator, from this post. it’s a bigger image than usual, 10 pixels higher than a Dinomon, and it fills the image more, but I like it. 😀

Today I intend to earn some Click Exchange credits for RaGinGinFERnO, my orange digivice. RaginGShadE, my black one, has around 800 credits right now, and is within the top 3 at the click exchange. I want RaGinGinFERnO to join him. ^_^

EDIT: Looks like I have more news than I thought. 🙂 A “credits used” counter [which yesterday was a “levels given” counter] has been added to the click exchange, and MachineGunContra’s Thor has been renamed to MGC.


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