I’m afraid today it’s all about PokePlushies (YoYo News Post)

February 13, 2008 at 09:36 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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All today’s news seems to be coming from PokePlushies. But you came here for YoYo News, so that’s what you’ll get. There just isn’t a lot of it today I’m afraid. o.O

LavaBall and mrsmes’ argument seems to have continued at a snailier pace than the argument between me and naruto8foxkid. But at least it’ still continuing.

Nekru has returned here and appears to be blaming all the downrating on Dmoc. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I know that’s something Dmoc would do. I now also know he has several accounts. I assume one is Dmoc32.

Anyways, I got some nice quotes from mrsmes for the quotes of the week section, so I’ll fill the rest of this post with the best of those quotes:

@SC666111: hey i see your a good person now, woah, and might i say i was wrong
too ever say people can’t change/don’t change, if i ever did, well then i was
wrong please forgive me.[/OFF TOPIC]
i am waiting for gm8.0 and getting it too make games for the mac wait i’ll get
gm9.0 too do that and have all the features i requested, oh, oh, mind control
action, control a object with your mind, mind control event for the action so
just before it’s executed. A fade action so the object fades until a certain
amount decreasing the amount of pixels in the image by the given amount.”

“@Aqua Dragon: Wait a minute Aqua i thought you said you weren’t going too bother
explaining these things too me, and you have said this how many times 10 to 16
care too explain, if you can do it with out snapping at the same time while
snapping your spine.”

“Event maker, sweet, why not what ever you want action, just type and soon you
get results when you save the game and then start it up, i.e. i could say:
and it would do exactly that.”

I’m doing my news posts a little earlier than usual today, and faster than usual too, so maybe some real news will materialise in a couple of hours.



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  1. Sorry guys for not posting anything today…havent seen much during the day…i will get onto contacting zone51 with a little q&a….hopefully by saturday….

  2. “Remember, I said he might have done it. I never blamed it on him, you did. I know that Dmoc32 is one of his multiple accounts. I think he has a few more.”

    Well there’s no one else it could have been. Communist Russia wouldn’t have downrated NAL’s games and we haven’t pissed any of your other annoying friends off.

  3. Remember, I said he might have done it. I never blamed it on him, you did. I know that Dmoc32 is one of his multiple accounts. I think he has a few more.

  4. I guess so…

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