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Well, it’s happened in the past, but before I joined PokePlushies. Our February adoptables have hatched early! And I think that both CrimsoNKinG AND BlossoMQueeN are the highest level adoptables. They both have medals, at least.

The Valentine adoptables also hatched today, they were Smoochums and Magbys, I don’t know whether the sender gets the magby or if it’s the other way round, I just know all I have is the smoochum. 😀 That was me thinking there would only be one thing hatching out the cupid pokeball.

Neither of them are shiny, but that’s OK, because I was only in it for the medals ^^ and the medals for the shiny don’t look as good.

Anyway, moving on. Replacing our valentine’s adoptables are 4 new adoptables. 2 Pokeballs and 2 Digivices! 😀

As always, I’ve adopted all 4 and given them random names with somewhat random capitalisation slapped all over them. I can’t look after all of them, and I want to retire from being the Click Exchange Champion – i.e. the person with the most time to waste – because I just don’t have the time to waste anymore.

if I go mental click exchanging on any of them, I will only choose 1.



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  1. oh, one thing I forgot to mention is that these new adoptables will hatch on March 19th. ^^

  2. this is kinda unrelated, but YAY! 9001 Hits!

  3. Good job, I’m also pretty sure that you won first with BlossomQueen as well.

    Do you know if the Digimon will be getting medals?

  4. My friend…. we are so gonna enjoy this challenge. The best part:.. we get to collect 4 more ribbons to our collection… Mwhahahahaha

  5. Four adoptable is tough …

  6. 4 adoptables isn’t that hard, since afterall I got 3 medals just from february. Anyways, the best things always happen when I sleep. Thats what i get for being in New York, EST time….

  7. Things have changed. Cyde said that medals aren’t given out to top 10s anymore.

  8. They’re given out to a top percentage! ^^ That makes it even easier for hardcore click exchangers like me!


    I don’t know if I’ll be able to get medals on all of mine, but I’ll try getting them on the 2 digivices at least. Starting with the black one.

  9. […] BREAKING POKEPLUSHIES NEWS Posted February 13, 2008 And LOTS of it!!! I’ll start with the early hatchlings, my 2 medals and the four new adoptables. if you haven’t already heard of them then hurry over to this link. […]

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