My secret Dinomon

February 12, 2008 at 09:46 | Posted in Everything | 8 Comments
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I proved that the click exchange alone can’t get you a corrupted dinomon anymore with this guy:

He had around 1300-1400 credits and his final level [when he has no more credits] will be 1400. I adopted him at 10:00 GMT on the 9th, and he reached adult form around 31-32 hours later.

Cyde said that there are only 162 adult dinomon around right now, so a lot of eggs are going to get stolen. He also gave some information about how you get rares. it is a very low chance. So Immortal didn’t get a rare just because he was the first person to get an adult dinomon.

Over at the PP Blog, Knux Girl has won Mail Bag #4 with a drawing of Shadow the hedgehog playing a violin [?], so congratulations to her.

I suppose the Biggest News for today is about tomorrow. The day when our february Pokeballs will hatch. Can’t wait for my #1 medal.

I know what you’re saying, some sort of thing like “Don’t count your chickens pokeplushies before they hatch” or whatever, but there’s no way that anyone can catch up to me in time when I have 5000+ credits at the click exchange and a lead on the next best pokeplushie of several hundred levels.

So CrimsoNKinG WILL be the King. 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀



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  1. BAM! i like this blog 😛

    a CE addict i see…

    would you mind CEing mine :p

  2. “BAM! i like this blog 😛

    a CE addict i see…

    would you mind CEing mine 😛 ”

    Ha ha, Hi StylaX! Good to see someone else from the PP forums has found their way here. 😀

  3. yeah, i searched for “Dinomon” and somehow, i wound up here XD

  4. Hey those guys stole my websites name i hate them

  5. hey who plays roblox here

  6. hey whos even reading a 1 year old post


    please feed my dinomon!

  8. PLEASE level him up

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