Nailog is now King of the Lamers. And missing, too.

February 10, 2008 at 09:52 | Posted in Everything | 12 Comments
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Yeah, I’m gonna quote fatherofsmes again. Although not the whole post, because then I’d have no other news to write about o.O:



It appears the king of the lamers has gone missing, with his last post over 18 hours ago. There has been no activity on his profile page either…

Anyone who has any information to his whereabouts should contact Yoyogames immediately…
Maybe all the responsible adult talk (see previous Nailog comments and answers) about being a MOD on a childrens forum, has got to him…

In the meantime Nekru’s “you suck” posts still havent been deleted, which begs the question, does yoyogames actually agree with Tuntis? Maybe thats why they havent removed them…”

That’s right, Nailog hasn’t been online and Nekru still sucks.

in other news, Bobserge has popped his dumb little head up here again, posting, well … not much really. But he’s been here. And he’ll come back, just you wait and see this post’s comments.

… I’ll quote fatherofsmes again – “The way of the lamer – they ALWAYS come back”. 😉

Over to mrsmes’ profile, and he’s begging for attention like he always does when no one comments in 2 days [or whatever]. Not much else to say about that, so I’ll move on to his new game, the Coming Storm, which is all of a sudden corrupted 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

“when i just added another sprite in and reached 100 sprites i saved my game and
the next time i tried too open it said it was corrupt and could not open the
file, it did not open i tried everything but well now i am missing every single
resource it’s all gone and it was thanks too one small mistake, one sprite too

That was posted yesterday, I added it to quotes of the week, and I think I have something else to add to it now:

“i am using gm7.0 and i have 80gb(gigabytes) of space, i didn’t use any .mp3
files should i contact softrap(what ever it’s called) for help, it’s a .gmk file
that is corrupt. i am absolutely sure it was my sprites that crashed it the
entire project was working just fine before i added that final touch in and too
see if i nearly went over the limit and then boom it happened i could not open
the file, or even run my project too see how well the game and it’s rpg story
and massive tasks list and things you need to do too get through the game and
well it was a mega man battle network game, i was making, mega man battle
network staurn, this is precisely why i suggested the anti overload feature so
it does not overload in any way possible. ok i had too restart gm too get my
file back and so i did but i now have too figure out if it can load all of this
in or if i need too make another version and in use the game end event too load
that one up once i have worked all the kinks out with it but would mean ending
the game too continue too the next part of it.”

it turns out that he was actually talking about his Megaman game :O Shame that. Looks like we might have to endure the amateur crappiness that will be the Coming Storm after all.

Anyway, speaking of the quotes of the week page, I got some good quotes yesterday from zone51. He’s gold, almost equal to mrsmes. I added a quote from the GMC too yesterday, from a member of the enemies list who appears to have returned for a little while. No, it’s not nate, or naruto, it’s George Williams. He isn’t as full of fail as he was before, but I still can’t stand him though.



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  1. I hadnt really bothered looking for quotes on the GMC as I always thought the lamest ones would go to the yoyo site……How wrong was I!!! New quote posted on the quotes page!!!

  2. “I bet we can all sigh with relief. Yoyo officials have stated that Nailog has returned in good health, although is not prepared to comment on why his right wrist is aching…..”

    oh, that’s funny.

  3. he’ll be here any minute 😉


    Source: Yoyo Times

    Nailog has returned to the safety of yoyogames this afternoon, with his first post approximately 2hours ago at time of publishing this.

    I bet we can all sigh with relief. Yoyo officials have stated that Nailog has returned in good health, although is not prepared to comment on why his right wrist is aching…..

    – Ah a happy ending…You gonna answer some of those questions I asked now Nailog, after your silly post some days ago?

  5. Couldnt think of anything else to put….! If he had taken any longer I would have attempted a MISSING poster…..

    AKH, maybe you can encourage him to come back? I dont think he’s playing with me anymore…Im still waiting for zone51 to respond to his invitation….

    See you later m8..

  6. ** BREAKING NEWS **

    AKH, I think this deserves a headline thread all to itself….

    Mighty Nailog, Lord of the Lamers, the chap who represents the moral good of Yoyo games on their forums owns pirate software! I think this matter may need reporting, as piracy threatens all software companies, even more so small ones…Unless of course Yoyo games advocates the piracy of their software aswell…..

    Ive taken a screenshot of his page incase he uses his mod powers to delete it…..

    Ooh what a naughty Nailog you are.

  7. and to clarify above, on Nailogs profile page on Yoyo he claims he downloads ROMs to try before he buys….yeah right…..shiver me timbers….

  8. lol….maybe its 20 hours of downloading pirated software…..?

  9. Its not really a quote, so Ill put it here…SatanChild is back…as I understood it, he originally spamed yoyo with porn..was banned…came back & said sorry…was ok for a while…got banned again…and now come back with a dupe account….

    This guy has NO hacking tallent whatsoever…he is a very good example of a lamer…..ill quote his latest post:

    Quote “lol, I find it fun unbanning my self. actualy banned people cant regrister, they only can if someone regristers and confirms for you.”

    – No my lame little friend…its really quite simple, setup an email address somewhere and log onto the site with a proxy…you can then re-register even if youre IP banned….In many cases it matters not as most Internet providers have dynamic IP address’s…

    Satan Child, you are a fool….I wouldnt have commented on you, but you are one of these people who think they know everything and actually know nothing, very similar to mrsmes…..I remember SC’s virus he made…it wasnt of course, it was a silly batch file that executed a format command…he didnt even realise about the safegaurds or the -u option..(although I dont think thats used now)

  10. SatanChild is back again? :O

    oh, and Nailog doesn’t seem to have come over here. Maybe he’s missing again.

  11. not, quite, i am back, AKH, your in for it big time now.

  12. ^ Nailog = Mrsmes because his link is still

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